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Whether you’re expanding your business, looking to open new channels of thought, or driving organisational change, successful corporate events require intelligent planning. Conferences, trade shows and celebratory company milestones are pinnacles of the business calendar, and to create a ‘buzz’, more and more event planners are seeking the support of a motivational speaker.

Positivity is good for investment

The host is the lifeblood of any event, engaging guests and delivering key messages. No matter the event type, speakers will communicate messages about your business or industry, meaning it’s crucial to hire a positivity professional.

A key reason why corporate events are going from strength to strength, even in the digital age, is that businesses benefit from human connection. A motivational speaker breaks the ice, making further connection possible.

These latest figures show the conference and meetings industry generated an estimated £19.4 billion of direct expenditure in 2017. This is big money – and trends show the value is increasing year on year.

Sharpening your conference with a rousing guest speaker can set your event apart from the crowd – and setting a tone of positivity can strike up the mood for investment. After all, it’s not often high profile decision makers are brought together in one room. If networking and deals are important goals for your event, investing in the right speaker should be a core priority.

Heightened retention

One reason motivational speeches can be preferable to other types of industry talk is their potential to connect with an audience on a deeper level.

Motivational speakers recognise our human impulses, desires and fears, and work with them – not against them. Most business executives know the facts and figures, but a professional motivational speaker will shape the delivery in a way others cannot.

This deeper engagement makes guests more likely to retain information – memorable rags to riches tales, or stories of personal discovery will make your brand or project more memorable, too.  

Whatever type of business you’re in, corporate events can quickly become a repetitive affair, which is why a fresh face and engaging voice can work wonders.

Announcements and driving change

Motivational speakers can also help with the delivery of business direction announcements. Adjusting to change can be difficult for employees and business owners alike – and it’s often easier to look positively at change when messages come from outsiders.

Equally, unique or inspiring solutions can act as a catalyst for innovation. Motivational speakers trade in positivity, and the best professionals know how to make messages infectious.

Increased productivity

The best motivational speakers understand team psychology – a workplace currency like no other. There are notable success stories, including sport psychiatrist and motivational speaker Steve Peters, who famously transformed the performance of Liverpool Football Club in 2013, and has since utilised his skills and knowledge to get inside the minds of corporate teams, and inspire them to compete more effectively together.

There are many ways to source a motivational speaker in line with your goals – whether your priority is a famous face or a business psychology expert. Internal keynote speakers are always an option, but the quality of delivery a professional can achieve will often be higher. You should select a speaker who can match the tone of your organisation’s climate, while also delving deeper and offering a fresh working perspective.

Put simply, hosting an event that leaves guests roused and inspired can add value to your business, both in monetary and reputational terms.


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