Walking around Manchester you will come across a few bingo halls – a short walk from Piccadilly station you’ll come to Bucky Bingo on Peter Street, and round the corner from that is Bongo’s Bingo on Peters Street. Looking for an alternative? A 30-minute walk from there you can find a couple of Club 3000s in the city.

Bongo’s Bingo certainly raised a few eyebrows when they opened in 2018, offering a unique experience, not fully focused on the game of probability itself. The experience at Albert Hall includes a mixture of dance-offs, audience experience and numerous magical moments. It’s a night out in itself. Something completely different to what your grandparents will have experienced. Though it’s not for everyone…

For the more traditional bingo player, any of the other halls in the city are ideal for you. They offer the freedom to socialise with your friends and family whilst playing the game, without all the bright lights and loud music that Bongo’s provides.

The game of bingo itself has been a part of the British heritage since the Roman times and halls had been opening every year until 2005. That was partly down to the country’s recession but also the growth of online bingo and casinos in general. Since then the decline in attendances at the halls can certainly be put down to online gaming.

With the advancements in technology year on year this millennium, there has been a boom in online bingo players, many who have never stepped foot in a physical bingo hall before.

The game is now accessible from virtually anywhere, provided you have an internet connection on your mobile or tablet device. The other advantage of that is that you can also experience bingo and other games from abroad all from the comfort of your own home. This means you can play Magical Vegas games from the comfort of your own home in Manchester.

Traditional players may not like the sound of playing the game online, but the experience isn’t overly different from in person, whilst having advantages of its own. For starters, the chat rooms allow for socialising, whether among friends and family, or making new connections with fellow bingo players.

One of the biggest reasons for bingo’s popularity in Manchester and England on the whole, is the strong social aspect. Friday and Saturday nights being the most popular days to attend in person.

As well as socialising in the chat room, another popular tool online is the option for your numbers to be marked off automatically prevents you from missing any numbers on your card. This tool is very useful when you’re playing more than one card at a time too, increasing your chances of winning.

Online bingo is an attraction for players of all ages and locations too. As you can play it from the comfort of your own home, whether in bed or on the couch whilst the television is on in the background, there’s no requirement to dress up and get transport to a physical building.


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