Forget London, Edinburgh, or Birmingham. If you are looking for the best place to visit or live in Great Britain, you should look no further than Manchester. Few UK cities can compare to its history, landmarks, attractions, trade, and culture.

In fact, each is bringing a considerable amount of tourism, revenue, and attention to the city with each passing year. Even if you already believe there is no better destination on the planet, you should read why Manchester is the best city in the UK.

A Fast-Growing Economy

Manchester is the UK’s bread and butter. It currently offers the fastest growing economy outside of London, as it is home to more than 2,000 foreign enterprises and has a GDP of £28 billion. It also provides an average salary of £1479.92, and you can take a look at the consumer index by city to compare. Not to mention Manchester offers an affordable cost of living, so your money will go further in comparison to the south of England.

Affordable Housing

If you’re debating whether to settle down for good in Manchester, you simply need to take a look at the affordable house prices. After all, housing in London is reportedly four times higher than it is in Manchester. This means you can buy four detached houses for the price of one in London. It is also 36% more expensive to live in the capital, too.

A Creative Hub

As stated, Manchester is responsible for bringing in a considerable amount of revenue into the UK, which is partially due to the many creative minds within the city. Manchester features some of the finest design and creative agencies within the country. It is also home to the BBC, ITV, and Arts Council England, which has firmly established the city as a creative force, so there are plenty of superb jobs to choose from across Manchester.

The Food Scene

All those hard-working professionals need great places to eat, right? Well, Manchester does not disappoint, as the food scene has exploded across the city in recent years. Popular restaurants to visit include Almost Famous, Tattu Restaurant & Bar, and Mi & Po.

It’s also only a matter of time until Manchester receives its first Michelin Star, thanks to Aiden Byrne at Manchester House and Simon Rogan at Mr. Coopers and The French.

The Music

Manchester has shaped the soundtrack of UK music. The city is happy to name drop world-famous bands and artists, such as Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, Peter Hook, Tony Wilson, and New Order, to name just a few. Manchester is also the proud home to many modern artists, such as Delphic, Dutch Uncles, and, of course, Elbow.

The Universities

There is a reason why 80,000 students flock to attend Manchester universities every year, which is one of the largest university populations in Europe. After all, who wouldn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the 25 Nobel Prize winners who studied at the University of Manchester, such as James Chadwick, Walter Norman Haworth, and Michael Smith. Other famous names to attend the university include Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Kermode, Anthony Burgess, Meera Syal, and Jack Whitehall.


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