Over the past 12 months Manchester is leading the way when it comes to price growth, in fact all across the north of England has seen a mini property boom during this period and is expected to see a strong 2021.

Manchester has seen a rise in the last year by 5.7%, quickly followed by another northern powerhouse in Leeds which has seen a 5.6% growth respectively. As a whole the UK market saw an incredible increase of 3.9%.

The demand for property at the moment hasn’t seen the winter slump you see most years, in fact it’s shown a 40% buyer demand this year.

Yes its true property prices has seen a rise but in most areas of north they are still affordable in comparison to the south, because of the demand is in line to see through 2021.

Postcode hotspots of Manchester

The M8 postcode area has seen the biggest increase in property price across the Manchester postcode, with a reported 4.75% increase in overall property value.

Other postcodes within Manchester that have seen an increase of more than 3% include, M40, M30, M11, M41, M35, M45 and M27.

Thinking of selling a property? How can you make your property stand out from the rest?

With demand across the north being high, more so in Manchester how can you make your property stand out from the rest? 

First impressions count, it’s stated that viewers make their mind up on a property within the first couple of minutes.

Make sure your garden is well kept and maintained, tidy things away, really show the space off well, people need to envisage the garden area as an extension to property.

The biggest single decision maker for a property has become parking space, if a property doesn’t offer safe, secure off street parking it could stop the interest of the viewer instantly.

If you don’t have a driveway currently or it’s in need of a repair then make sure to rectify this. Do your research into local Manchester driveway companies, it could really make the difference between selling your property quickly for full asking price or one that stays on the market for some time.

How much will a new driveway cost me?

It can be difficult to put a cost on a driveway, this is because there are so many variants involved. These include what surface you choose, the dimensions of the driveway, ease of access and if you need a full excavation.

Some of the driveway surfaces you can choose if you’re working to a budget include, gravel, tarmac and pattern imprinted concrete, if you’d like to spend a little more you can go block paving, resin or even Indian flagstone.


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