There are numerous internet browsers out there, but many people still use Microsoft’s built-in browser, Internet Explorer, especially on older machines. With so many alternatives out there, users can benefit from a browser that is able to offer them a lot more. One of the best internet browsers out there is Google Chrome, and it’s free of charge.

3 Features of Google Chrome That Make It Better Than Internet Explorer

Google Chrome is free to download and install, and the features it offers make it a no-brainer for browsing the internet. Chrome has kept its first place in the browser race for quite some time, which shows just how popular and user-friendly it is. Here are three reasons why it might be time to switch.


One of the biggest headaches for computer users is having to wait for updates to finish before they can proceed with surfing the internet. People who have been using Internet Explorer will know what this is like, as this browser requires manually searching for updates. On the other hand, Google Chrome installs updates automatically, so you will never even have to think about it. 

Chrome is extremely easy to use, as well. When you open the browser, you will not be overwhelmed by a multitude of options that do little to actually benefit you. Chrome’s features are also very intuitive and only take a little time to get to know. Everything that the browser offers is beneficial to its users and will make your experience practical and productive.

Also, if you use any of Google’s other apps, such as Gmail, Google Docs, or Google Drive, using the Chrome Browser will only make it easier to reach those apps. Google Chrome includes an ‘Apps’ button near the top of the screen that holds all of those apps mentioned, plus more. Now your Gmail or Google Drive are only a click away.


Unlike other browsers, Google Chrome is highly customizable. You can open many tabs at the top of the screen and easily arrange them into an order that caters to your individual needs. You can create a favorites bar so that your most frequently visited sites are easily accessible the next time you need them. 

Chrome makes it possible to customize pretty much everything you could think of, including themes, colors, and fonts. These perks will definitely make your browsing experience much more enjoyable.


Just like everything else Chrome offers, its security options and features are extremely relevant and helpful. The browser warns you when a website is not secure and will prevent any attempts to redirect you to harmful websites. It also has a vast array of options for protecting your privacy. 

Although other browsers like Internet Explorer have pushed to increase their security in recent years, none of them compare to Google Chrome. If security is essential for your peace of mind, then Google Chrome can give it to you. 

There’s a Better Browser for You

Many people stick with Internet Explorer because it is the default browser for many devices, but it is definitely not the only one. There are much better options out there, like Google Chrome. This browser is free to download and simple to use. If you’re tired of an internet browser that doesn’t give you the simplicity, customizability, or security that you need, then try Google Chrome.

After you make the switch, don’t forget to customize Chrome to fit your needs and enable advanced features like JavaScript. You can learn more about JavaScript and how to enable it in your browser at this site. Try out Google Chrome, and you’ll see why it’s the most popular option out there!


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