© Joel Goodman - 07973 332324 - all rights reserved. For NHS Internal Comms use . 11/01/2021. Manchester, UK. GILBERT CHADWICK (88 from Cheetham Hill) is amongst the first to receive the vaccine . The first day of operation at the centre . The NHS has built a mass Coronavirus vaccination centre on tennis courts at the Etihad Campus in East Manchester . Photo credit : Joel Goodman

The Government has confirmed last night that it had now offered coronavirus vaccines to all those over-50, the clinically vulnerable and health and social care workers.

It has met its target three days ahead of the April 15 deadline.

It is today rolling out the Moderna vaccine in England for the first time, with 20 sites using it this week and the program set to expand as supply increases.

Boris Johnson described the achievements as a “hugely significant milestone,”

He added: “I want to thank everyone involved in the vaccine rollout which has already saved many thousands of lives. We will now move forward with completing essential second doses and making progress towards our target of offering all adults a vaccine by the end of July.”

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens said that 19 out of 20 of those most at risk have now been vaccinated.

He said:

“Thanks to our NHS nurses, doctors, pharmacists, operational managers and thousands of other staff and volunteers, the NHS COVID vaccination program is without a doubt the most successful in our history. It’s one of our tickets out of this pandemic and offers real hope for the future.”

On Monday, the UK recorded 3,568 new coronavirus cases and 13 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.


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