No matter what you’re currently working on – whether it’s improving your home or running a commercial project – tool rental can be extraordinarily effective and efficient for several reasons. It can save time and money (especially long-term costs on projects) and various other aspects – some of which I’ll explain below. Being an avid DIYer myself, I have learnt many different things, and tool hire and its effectiveness is certainly one of them.

Here’s some benefits of hiring tools

You’ll get the latest technology

Most tool hire companies stock the latest technology when it comes to tools and equipment. If you’re purchasing tools and equipment these can fall out of date fast and this isn’t really cost efficient. Working with a tool hire company that has the latest technology when it comes to tools will ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck on projects.

It’ll save you money long term

Purchasing tools and equipment can be extraordinarily expensive – and the maintenance of these tools and equipment can be pretty expensive too. When working on projects, hiring tools will allow you flexibility on timescales (use only when needed) and will save you the running cost on maintenance (as the company normally maintains all equipment for you). Ensuring a hassle free build on your construction for home or commercial premises.

Fast access to tools and equipment that you need

When talking to a rental company it is very, very simple to explain what you need and a good, reputable hire company should advise all the tools you’ll need. They can then provide you with what you need fast and this is important if you’re working to tight deadlines on your construction projects.

Cut storage costs

Some machinery and tools/equipment are large items that if you own will need storage when they’re not in use. Think of owning a mini digger or excavator – where would you put it? Renting tools and equipment eradicates this overhead. Request the equipment only when you need it – most reputable tool and equipment hire companies will deliver and pick up fast for maximum efficiency.

Tax Reductions

Most rental costs of equipment are deemed as tax deductible as a business expense. When purchasing tools and equipment – these often depreciate of the lifetime of the equipment, fundamentally making a loss over time.

No hefty transport costs

When getting heavy machinery and equipment to different sites to work on varying projects, the cost of transport can be enormous. This can leave a sizable dent in the wallet. When hiring tools you can choose local companies to your construction site or development – this will mean that the machinery or equipment will be sent quickly and arrive promptly.

In Summary

Hiring tools and equipment can be extremely beneficial to your business especially when it comes to cash-flow and time. Do your due diligence when looking at the best option for you. In most cases though, as with me, renting equipment saved me a lot of time and effort – after all – the saying is ‘time is money’ right?

Good luck on your project!


Article by Jamie McKaye


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