The world has changed so rapidly that nowhere is far enough for any person to have any hesitation to travel. Even the biggest distances can be easily overcome with an extra stop added to your flight route. As the world has become one big land to travel around, the options for your needs have become endless.

This is why medical tourism has become one of the fastest-growing industries. Need any medical operation? Just go to another country and get it done with the cost and quality of your choice from the most serious cardiac surgeries to plastic ones. 

Hair transplant, the least invasive of all medical operations, is no different. The operation has developed enough to provide great results for those who lost their hair. While the treatment plans are quite standardized, the cost of the treatment has different approaches varying country to country due to the cost of labour based on the economic and cultural structures.

In Europe, USA and Canada, if you make a quick research on hair transplant service, it will show you that the hair transplant providers calculate the cost of the treatment based on the number of grafts needed for operation. However, a hair transplant in Turkey is mostly priced and performed based on per session, not per grafts. 

The hair transplant surgeons in Turkey prefer implanting the maximum number of healthy grafts without leaving cosmetic defects in one session. This may be one of the reasons why Turkey has become the hair transplant hub of the world.

Now, let’s see what factors can make you eligible for a hair transplant in Turkey!

Need High-Quality Treatment?

You know the saying “Practice makes perfect!”. This is exactly what is happening among the good hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. As they have the opportunity to perform a considerably higher number of hair transplant operations compared to their colleagues in other countries, they have practised more and more. Naturally, it leads to mastery in hair transplantation.

It also should be considered that the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey perform cases with high variability. That is to say that due to Turkey’s status as a hub for hair transplant, people from all around the world visit the country to find a permanent solution to hair loss. So, the surgeons have experience in different genetics, hair types and medical conditions.

That is why you can have the top quality treatment regardless of your origin.

Looking for Affordable Prices?

The second most important factor is the hair transplant costs. In the United Kingdom, hair transplant prices are starting from €10.000. It is nearly the same in the rest of Europe and the United States. However, in Turkey, a hair transplant operation is nearly 70% cheaper.

Such a price gap may look very interesting but at the same time, it may make hair transplant candidates sceptical about the quality of treatment. As it is also explained above, the price gap does not determine the quality of treatment. The only reason is that the labour cost is much cheaper in Turkey. It is not only for hair transplant but also for the plastic and medical surgeries as well.

Searching for A Safe and Sound Treatment?

While you may find some bad news about hair transplant clinics in Turkey, it does not include the whole country. Turkey, in itself, is also fighting against illegal clinics with the assistance of the Ministry of Health. The ministry is following the clinics to see if they fit the compulsory regulations for a safe treatment. The clinics who pass the test are given accreditations by the Turkish Ministry of Health as a token for safe and good service.

If you are making a research for a hair transplant in Turkey, the most important question to ask is to see if the clinic is approved and accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health or not.

Easy to Travel and Short Distance Flights

Another good factor about Turkey is that it is very central and naturally close to European countries. In 2 – 3 hour flights, you can easily visit Turkey. Getting a visa is also quite easy as it can be obtained online.

The culture is also one of a kind as there are lots and lots of things to discover from the cuisine to places to see. So, it is a bonus for those who love to explore new cultures.

So, these are what Turkey offers for those who are looking for a hair transplant: High quality, affordable prices, safe treatment conditions and easy to travel! Medical travel companies, such as MCAN Health, offer all these in packages including all the transfers, accommodation assistance and a regular follow-up procedure to ensure the patient is getting the best results. If you are suffering from hair loss and want to have a hair transplant, you must check out what Turkey offers for you!


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