The biggest and best bingo halls: Ready to win?

If you are someone who is wary of the risk involved in gambling and still wants to get his or her hands on big prize money, then bingo is the best game for you – No, seriously! While playing bingo, you have nothing to lose; you only have to pay for the minimal entry fee and bingo! You are all set to win some prize very quickly! The best part is that many bingo halls guarantee that each player will get something, which means there is nothing to lose. Not only bingo is a game that you can play to pass your time, but the game has also proved to be a stress reliever, which helps to change your mood. To help you get started, below is the list of the biggest and best bingo halls in the world.

1. Foxwoods Casino – Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino does not only have one of the biggest bingo halls in the world, but it is the best place for people looking for first-class entertainment. The place started as a Bingo hall and then slowly turned into a casino, providing various fun activities to the guests. Located in Mashantucket, the hall can hold up to 5000 players, and the games payout well. Weekends at the casino can get extremely busy, with people pouring in for the game, and to enjoy all the facilities; however, the place is charming and has a lot to offer.

2. Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood

With the capacity to seat around 3000 players, it is believed to be one of the biggest bingo halls in Europe. This bingo hall is a modern place, which holds the record of paying out the biggest single prize of £100,000. The place is known for not only providing the best bingo experience but also offers many other entertainment facilities, like, great options in food and drinks, electronic bingo, and some of the best gaming machines. Here, with just £1, you can win the top prize of even £100,000.

3. Red Rock Casino- Las Vegas

With an aesthetically appealing hall and a private bar, you will fall in love with this place! The bingo hall has a capacity for around 600 players and daily holds eight, one-hour-long sessions. The bingo area is extremely huge, and even if you believe that bingo is not your jam, you should still give it a chance, and you will be surprised to see how much you enjoy the game. The place has colorful displays and plasma TVs, which will set the mood and ensure that you have one of the best bingo games of your life. 

4. National Bingo Stadium, Ireland

The bingo hall boasts of having held Ireland’s longest-running bingo. The hall has a capacity for up to 2000 players; however, mostly you will play with only 600-800 players. You must give this hall a chance as it is not common to see top winners going back with as much as £9000, which can cover the cost of your flight ticket to Ireland.

5. Buzz Bingo, Manchester

One of the best bingo halls out there, as players have collected £2 million from winning here! The place not only offers a chance to win good prize money but is also good when it comes to socializing and meeting new people. In this hall, playing bingo is a family activity, and you can often find families turning up for fun in this hall. Anyone over 18 years of age can take part in the game, and win huge money while meeting with friends and having a nice meal – what more can one ask for? Not only this, on your first visit to the hall, you get a 50% discount on the selected food items and drinks. Visit this bingo hall if you want to win big money, which you can later share with your friends and family.


With many bingo halls guaranteeing that everyone walks away with a prize, it is not that difficult to win something big, occasionally. All you need to do is trust your luck and try the game. Even if one does not win, bingo halls are always the best place to meet new people, grab some food, and have fun all together!











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