For many, Archie’s is a social food hub of the North complete with every milkshake flavour, waffle and burger under the sun. For other’s, their branch on Oxford road serves as the perfect antidote to drunken munchies that beats any high street takeaway and towers above other fast food chains.

With the business proving their expansion with the multiple restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool, its no surprise that their menu is also growing. In collaboration with Hellman’s, Archie’s have released the highly anticipated limited edition ‘Hot as Hell-man’ burger which is available from 17 August – 14 September.

To try it out, we headed to the main branch on Oxford Road to dine in with the ‘Hot as Hell-man’. With white-washed walls, a large, clean interior space and a few bright neon signs behind white brickwork walls – the place was an fit for any Instagram feed.

With Instagram on the mind, it perhaps comes as no surprise that the brand are following suit with trending foods. It certainly is the charcoal burger bun that makes the ‘Hot as Hell-man’ the most eye-catching, instagrammable burger on offer at Archie’s. Activated charcoal has been a trending food due to its toxin-absorbing and cleansing abilities, so why not make it part of the menu?

Much to our surprise, and gratitude, the BLK burger bun on the ‘Hot as Hellman’ doesn’t have a distinctive charcoal taste. Instead the bun is soft and spongey, holding its shape and surpassing the average, crumbling brioche burger bun. Rather than overpowering you with a strong taste, the charcoal bun is as much a fashion statement as it is a burger. Its nearly impossible to eat the burger without taking a picture first. Research undertaken by Hellman’s suggested that 80% of Brits take a snap of their food before eating it, with 10% even letting their food go cold in order to take the perfect photo. With the ‘Hot as Hell-man’ burger, I think its clear that the statistic holds truth.

Inside the ‘Hot as Hell-man’ burger lies tender, succulent fried chicken fillet, layered amidst a slice of white cheddar, fresh, crispy lettuce, Hellman’s smokey chipotle sauce and lashings of sliced jalapeños. If there’s one thing the namesake suggests, it is that this burger is not for the faint hearted and definitely packs a punch.

The crispy fried chicken is fried in spices, giving a hearty kick to every single bite of the burger. Paired with the sweet and spicy Hellman’s chipotle sauce, the sweetness of the sauce evens out the levels of heat and fiery tang of the chicken and jalapeños without compromising on either taste or flavour.

Combined with the lettuce and cheese, and accompanied by any of Archie’s best selling milkshakes, the burger makes the winning main for a quick lunch or evening meal on the go.  Priced at £6.49 for the burger, its an unquestionable bargain for any hungry burger enthusiast.

The popularity of the burger, waffle and shake joint which has been open since 2010, is evident in its loyal customers. With such a high volume, Archie’s have even undergone a refurbishment in recent years to cater to its growing fan base. Now, the branch on Oxford Road  offers an extended seating area underground which is made available during busy periods – which may be expected once everyone gets a taste of the ‘Hot as Hell-man’.


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