People who have earned a certification of project management that is recognised by the industry from a PMI or Project Management Institute are known as PMP™s or Project Manager Professionals. The professional certification of Project Management Professional is recognised internationally. The Project Management Institute that offers the certification is a non-profit US-based professional organisation. PMP™ is a well respected and acknowledged credential that is considered to be among the essentials for project managers. If you want to take the next step in your career it is especially essential for you. 

About The Examination of Project Manager Professional or PMP™

With industry standards, PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge is used for testing aspirants as a guide. The applicants are evaluated on the examination of the PMP™ online course on tasks out of five domains of performance. These domains are listed below:

  1. Closing the project – seven per cent
  2. Controlling and monitoring the project – twenty-five per cent 
  3. Executing the project – thirty-one per cent 
  4. Planning the project – twenty-four per cent
  5. Initiating the project – thirteen per cent

The weightage of every domain in the examination is indicated by the percentage assigned to each domain. 

There are around two hundred MCQs in the examination. In the final score, twenty-five questions out of these are not counted. The standard of the examination is improved with the help of these pilot questions. However, the sample questions are randomly placed throughout the examination, making it impossible for one to know what they are. Moreover, the test is a closed book one. Therefore, there would be no reference material allowed for use during the test by the applicant.

Requirements For the Examination of Project Manager Professional

While answering to who the PMP™ online course is applicable for, it has been stated by the Project Management Institute or PMI that if an individual is an experienced as a project manager who is responsible for every aspect of the delivery of the project, while directing and leading cross-functional teams, then the PMP™ online course is ideal for them. 

One needs to meet the prerequisites, more importantly in order to get certified. The prerequisites you must have as a candidate is either of the following:

  1. Thirty-five hours of education in project management
  2. Seventy-five thousand hours of directing and leading projects 
  3. A secondary degree – The global equivalent of an associate’s degree or a high school diploma


  1. Thirty-five hours of education in project management
  2. Forty-five thousand hours of directing and leading projects 
  3. Four-year degree

From this article, you have learnt about the Project Manager Professional training course of certification. Now, you must also know whether you should get it. If you get the PMP™ certification, you will face both benefits as well as challenges. However, it has been agreed and determined by many certified professionals and hiring experts that the costs, such as it being expensive, extremely difficult and time-consuming, are outweighed by the benefits. 


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