It is easy to presume that a driving instructor’s daily skills are mainly exercised by delivering learner driver tuition to novice provisional licence holders who are between the ages of 17 and 25.
The above is just one particular area of driving that is catered for by driving schools.
Let’s look at some of the other services or courses which are provided for by driving schools:

Full licence Refresher Lessons

Sometimes people pass their driving test and then wait a long time before actually driving a car again. This break in driving can sometimes be a few or more years in duration.
Often drivers who have not driven since passing their driving test are faced with the prospect of driving by themselves for the first time after having a long break from driving.
Full licence refresher lessons help increase confidence and rebuild up existing driving skills so that you are confident to venture back out on to the road by yourself regardless of the traffic conditions.

Intensive driving crash courses

Intensive driving crash courses also known as driving crash courses are designed to accelerate the learning process. Often the learning process will be completed within 7 days to a month. Ideally you want to have a driving test already booked before planning your intensive course which means that your theory test needs to be passed first.
Intensive driving crash courses are ideal if you have a deadline for a job or have allocated a specific amount of time in your schedule to obtain your driving licence.

Pass Plus Course

The pass plus course is a 6 hour course which is undertaken after you have passed your driving test. The course is broken down into 6 elements of driving: City centre driving / all weather driving / night-time driving / rural driving / dual carriageways / motorways.
In recognition of undertaking the course you receive a certificate from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency once they receive your training report form from your course instructor.

Motorway Lessons

Driving at 70 mph is a completely different experience than driving at 20 mph and 30 mph in built up areas. When learning to drive dependant upon your local road layout you may never have had the opportunity to drive above 40 mph. If you are planning a motorway drive with no previous instruction or guidance this can be quite a daunting prospect!
You may find yourself asking questions like, how do I join the motorway safely? Which lane should I drive in? Is it ok to drive at 60 mph if I feel like it? How do I leave the motorway safely?

Driving Instructor Training Courses

Just as learner drivers need to learn to drive, potential driving instructors need to learn how to teach people to drive. Some driving instructors who teach learner drivers also teach people to become driving instructors. Not all driving schools provide this service it depends upon each individual business and the services which they choose to provide.

Some companies such as Manchester Driver Training offer a range of over 25 courses which includes all of the above and some specialist courses such as:

  • Help and preparation for your Medical Driving Assessment.
  • Au Pair driving awareness course.
  • Re-training courses for people who have now finished their driving ban and want to obtain their driving licence again.
  • Fleet Risk Assessments  for company car / van drivers.
  • Second opinion independent mock tests.


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