Manchester is truly a city bursting with activities for families, adults, and children alike. And whether you are into following one of the city’s many walking trails, tasting what the dynamic restaurant scene has to offer, or kicking your feet up in one of the many fine boozers that litter the city, Manchester truly has a huge amount to offer. 

Amongst these many possible pastimes, however, there are a few that have withstood the test of time and which have remained popular as the Manchester has evolved. With that said, what are the best things to do in Manchester?

Get lost in the beautiful game

There are few cities in the United Kingdom, and perhaps even Europe, that are as synonymous with  football as Manchester is. This has undoubtedly been helped by the many accolades that the two main teams to call Manchester home have amassed over the years. And with both Manchester City and Manchester United having their home-base here, it is easy to see why Manchester has become a mecca for football fans!

Both Man City and Man United offer tours of their home stadiums, which provide a unique behind-the-scenes insight into these two historic teams. The addition of the National Football Museum also makes for a nice pit-stop when visiting the city, which gives you a better sense of Manchester’s place in history.

Historic sites likes these have done a huge amount to put Manchester’s name on the map. Match days in the city are like nothing else you have experienced, with thousands of sports fans descending on the city to take in the thrill and excitement of the beautiful game.

With that said, it is easy to see why football has become such a staple of the Manchester social scene over the years. And with both Man City and Man Utd putting in solid performances in recent years, this legacy looks set to continue for quite some time yet.

Casinos, bingo halls, and gaming of all varieties

Although Manchester might be more well known for its output in the world of football and music, Mancunians have also proved to be prolific gamblers over the years! At least, this is the impression you would get based on the sheer number of casinos, bingo halls, and gaming centres that are dotted across the city!

Manchester is home to some of  the most popular casinos in the UK, which includes Grosvenor Casinos in Salford, Bolton, Didsbury, and Stockport, as well as the Genting Casino in Salford. More recent additions include the Manchester235 Casino. 

These casino destinations have maintained their popularity over the years, and are now a staple of the Manchester night life scene. This is despite the fact that Mancunians have increasingly turned to an online casino like Rizk in recent years, with online casinos now more popular than ever.

In addition to casinos, Manchester is also home to a number of bingo halls, which add a bit of old-school charm to the social scene in Manchester! With all that said, it seems clear the competitive spirit that has propelled the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City to legendary status has carried over into Manchester’s fondness for casinos!

Iconic music scene

Beyond the many famous football teams that grace the great city of Manchester with their presence, in recent decades, it is music that has helped to really put the city on the map. Arguably it boasts one of the best line-ups of British music outside London.

Having gifted the world genre defining bands such as the Stone Roses, Oasis, The Smiths, and the many acts calling the Hacienda their home, Manchester is truly a legendary city when it comes to music. This varied musical pedigree has not only helped to put Manchester on the cultural map, but has also had a big impact on the kinds of activities that are popular.

Whether it is going to a gig in one of the many legendary music venues that litter the city, or spending an afternoon browsing one of the innumerable record stores to be found here, Manchester is truly a music lovers idea of heaven! And regardless of whether you are into house music, jazz, or alternative rock, there is something in Manchester for you! It is this variety of musical offerings that has kept the music scene alive for so long in the city—long may it continue!


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