Photos taken at Las Vegas.

For hundreds of years, if not millennia, man has felt an innate pull to the world of betting and gambling. Much of this is due to the inherent excitement of it all and not many things can beat the rush of dopamine as a wager you have strategically placed wins big. This is particularly true in the world of live sports wagers, which combines this favourite pastime with another one: sports.

In recent years, making bets on live sports has exploded in popularity, and players are spoiled for choice these days when it comes to deciding on a bookie. Gone are the days of having to trudge down to your local bookmaker. Instead, players can now simply hop online and log-on to one of the hundreds of online betting websites. However, what exactly makes this most historic of pastimes so exciting?

What makes betting on live sports such good fun is the combination of the rush of gambling and the thrill of live sports.For many sports fans, this can add a completely new element of strategy to the enjoyment of their game of choice. No longer is watching the excellent gameplay a passive activity interruptedonly by enthusiastic exclamations when your team is winning.

Instead, live sports betting turns watching a game into something you have a stake in, and which allows you to flex your knowledge not only of the game but also only of the sport. By thinking about what is likely to happen in any given standoff, you have to combine a huge amount of information and distil it into what you think is the most likely outcome. This is no small feat and requires a deep knowledge of your favourite sport as well as the team you are rooting for. This adds both a palpable sense of excitement to any match or game as well as a level of engagement you will not experience anywhere else.

Being emotionally (and financially!) invested in how the game is playing out in this manner adds another level of excitement to sports betting in that it gives you an opportunity to either learn new sports or to deepen your strategic understanding of the ones you are already familiar with. Online sports betting rooms typically have a much wider array of live sports on offer than their brick and mortar counterparts, meaning you can catch the action no matter how obscure your tastes. This is a fun and exciting way to be introduced to new sports, and there is no better way to learn the rules than having a financial stake on the outcome of the game!

Live sports betting is also simply a fun and accessible pastime and does not have the same barriers of entry as other types of betting. This is because it does not rely on the same insider knowledge as other types of betting do, such as horse or dog racing where results can feel predetermined at times. When putting your money down on a live sports event, you can take a topic you are deeply familiar with, such as your chosen team, and place bets on how you think they will play based on what you know. Placing a wager on something you are passionate about adds a fun and exciting dynamic to matches and provides a massive thrill when watching sports!


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