A bitcoin casino is a regular online gaming platform where the game is played not for money, but for cryptocurrency. The game conditions are the same as everywhere else: slot machines, roulette, bonuses, promotions, and much more. The monetary unit is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which has a certain monetary equivalent like the dollar, euro, or oil.

Currently, many casinos that use cash currency are being rebuilt for the introduction of cryptocurrency. However, the first sites began to appear a year after the creation of bitcoin.

Modern bitcoin casinos are the usual similarity to the usual gambling industry playgrounds. Everything is as it should be on any gambling platform: the player opens an account on the platform’s website and deposits the account with cryptocurrency or money, which are then converted into cryptocurrency. The winnings are credited in the form of bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, depending on the casino. Now it is not difficult to find a platform for gambling bitcoin, and also get initial bonuses for newly registered players.

What are the main bonuses provided by bitcoin casinos

Like any money casino, cryptocurrency gambling platforms also allow you to take advantage of various privileges.

No Deposit Bonuses

Many casinos offer no-deposit bonuses. Such gifts are expressed as free spins. They must be used in a certain number of bets up to the first withdrawal of the cryptocurrency.

Free spins as an addition to bonuses

There are several types of free spins:

  • given upon replenishment of the deposit;
  • no deposit;
  • for regular players;
  • the bonus round in the bitcoin slot.

Promo codes

Promo codes provide an opportunity to increase the return percentage, give free spins, increase the prize money, and also open access to various pro-games. You can get a promo code in different ways. To do this, you need to read casino news feeds, be a regular customer, make a deposit for a certain amount, and in other ways. The issuance of a promotional code can be a promotion for all participants, or it can be a trophy for some merit.

Casino with faucet

A faucet is a reward for completing some tasks that will benefit the casino owner. For example, you need to click on several casino banners and go to the site. For this, the performer is rewarded with a faucet, which gives him additional bonuses in the casino or a certain amount of cryptocurrency. Faucets are used to expand the gaming audience of the casino.

First deposit bonuses

Various gifts are given not only for the first but also for the second, and third deposit. It all depends on the affiliate program of a particular casino. Such bonuses may be different. For example, from such and such to such and such a number, everyone who replenishes the deposit with a certain amount of cryptocurrency receives free spins and a promo code. There are a huge number of different variations with the provision of bonuses.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal restrictions

Any bitcoin casino sets its own conditions for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency. For example, you need to make a certain number of bets before you are allowed to withdraw funds from your account to a card or wallet. The good news is that such restrictions only apply to bonus free spins. It is worth noting that these bets do not need to be made in one day. Bonus free spins can be used within a week or a month. But only after the expiration of all bets you can withdraw funds.


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