If you intend to drive in Europe, there is a good chance that you may drive on motorways and autobahns. And to drive on some roads, you need to get the official Slovakian vignette and display it in your car. A vignette is simply a sticker that you can fix to the windscreen of your vehicle. This sticker needs to be visible from the outside so that you can prove that you are eligible to drive on these roads. 

There are a couple of countries, such as Slovakia, that use the vignette system. Therefore if you decide to drive your car or hire a car in Slovakia, then a vignette should be displayed in your vehicle. In this article, you will learn about the official Slovakia vignette.

A Vignette Road

A vignette road is almost the same as a toll road. However, vignette roads are not like traditional roads as they work through a purchased sticker that you place on the windscreen of your car. This sticker is what is called a vignette sticker also known as a highway toll sticker. You need this sticker in many European countries so that you can drive on certain roads. 

In most countries, you only need a vignette sticker when you want to drive on national motorways, but others require you to have it if you want to use all roads. You can buy a vignette sticker for various lengths of time that match how long you may need it. Therefore, if you want to stay and drive in Slovakia, you can choose to purchase a weekly, monthly, or annual vignette sticker. The good news is that several places sell these vignette stickers. Even better, you can decide to purchase this sticker online, which can be convenient for you.  

Purchasing A Vignette

You must buy a vignette for the vehicle if you want to drive in Slovakia. Ideally, if you are a traveler to Slovakia, then you have to purchase a vignette because you will be utilizing their toll roads. Remember that the vignette your vehicle comes with can only cover you to drive in Slovakia you drive in.

In most cases, you can purchase vignette stickers at local petrol stations, border crossings, and online. It’s a good idea to ask the vehicle rental company if the car comes with a sticker. This is because sometimes you can find that your car hire price already includes a vignette. When you decide to purchase a vignette, make sure that you keep your receipt regardless of whether or not you return your vehicle. This can ensure that there is proof of purchase when there is a mistaken fine. 

You should remember that if they find that you are driving without a vignette, they can fine you. The car rental policies require the vehicle rental company to receive the fine so that they can pass it to you. Unfortunately, this means that you can incur extra charges. This is the reason why it makes sense to ask the car rental company any questions regarding vignettes before making a car hire booking.


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