In their everyday routines, most persons attempt to remain straight and narrow, but what occurs whenever anyone unknowingly breaks the law? A simple blunder or lapse in judgment could result in somebody violating the law without even recognising it until much later. 

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse” is a phrase that several people are aware of. Although indeed, somebody who violates a rule they were unaware of can still be prosecuted, ignorance of the law might lead to more complicated legal circumstances. 

And besides, numerous criminal punishments in some states are predicated on the perpetrator’s fortitude or purpose. If an individual is caught guilty of a crime, either unintentionally or purposefully, severe repercussions can result. 

Depending on the extent of intent demonstrated by the perpetrator, several offences might be raised to a higher punishment level. Thus it is critical to take specific precautions to prevent a huge fine or even prison time after criminal activity.

Is it possible, in that scenario, to decrease the punishment for someone who violated the law without intending to do so? Continue reading to learn more about this complicated problem.

What Is The Distinction Between Accident And Intention? 

Mens Rea is a legal phrase that alludes to an individual’s state of mind when determining whether or not they consciously violated the law. An individual who takes another person’s coat by mistake in a public place is likely to have a comparable jacket in the same place. 

When the guy realises his error, he will also try to locate the coat’s valid owner. An individual who takes up a coat he has never seen, slips it on and then walks away is undoubtedly aware that it is not his.

What Should You Do If You Inadvertently Violate The Law? 

It’s critical to get legal advice as soon as you realise you’ve breached the law without meaning to. Criminal lawyers in Parramatta can assist you in proving that you’re not conscious you were violating the law and prepare a defence if you are compelled to stand in front of a jury. 

Because it might be challenging to show that someone did something illegal by mistake, genuinely hoping that the authorities will accept your tale could lead to you being prosecuted with an offence and receiving a felony conviction.

Once you’ve realised you’ve breached the law, you may want to acquire proof to back up your narrative, like snapping photos of the area or interviewing eyewitnesses. 

Be Aware Of These Unintentional Crimes 

Even though most small crimes are pardoned if the criminal justice system judges that they were committed inadvertently, several are prosecuted irrespective of the conditions. 

  • Drunken driving 
  • Bartenders who give liquor to minors without their knowledge.

Bottom Line

Even though getting in trouble with the law can be frightening, keep in mind everybody is presumed innocent unless found guilty in the criminal justice system. During conversations with law enforcement officers, everyone will have the chance to reveal their version of events and get counsel and assistance from a criminal justice attorney.


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