Was your New Years resolution to improve your dental hygiene routine? Although many people have already abandoned their new year’s resolutions, it is never too late to make the right lifestyle choices and choose to improve your dental health. Follow these tips for a more rigorous dental routine, ensuring less time spent at the dentist and more time smiling.

1. Floss

Are you sick of your dentist nagging you about flossing? Out of the UK population, only 31% regularly floss their teeth. Flossing is one of the most disregarded elements of oral care routines, with many people dismissing the importance of flossing. However, brushing your teeth only covers 60% of your mouth, and reaching the other 40% can be difficult. Flossing, though, enables you to clean the narrow gaps between your teeth right down to the gum line, helping to dislodge leftover food debris and oral bacteria that can cause plaque.

You should not be put off either if your gums bleed when you floss for the first time; this is completely normal and should stop when you begin to floss every day. If you have trouble flossing, you should try using interdental brushes as these are softer on your gums and even more effective as they move into the shape of your teeth.

2. Regular check-ups

Regular check-ups at the dentist are incredibly important to maintain healthy teeth and ensure that any potential issues are found early. Dental appointments will only take around 15 minutes, however, 40% of children do not visit the dentist yearly.

The dentist will check your gums for infection and erosion and ensure that your teeth have no cavities. They can also advise you on the best way to care for your teeth and how often you should visit the dentist in the future. Going to regular check-ups once every six months to a year can reduce the risk of having more serious procedures on your teeth, as well as the risk of tooth loss as you get older.

If you are a dentist yourself, one of the best ways to lessen any worries patients may have is to invest in the best equipment possible. High-quality dental products from Kent Express, for example, can help you provide the best experience and care to your patients. Kent Express’s account management team will help you decipher the best products to invest in, as well as the best deals that are currently on the market. Simply order and expect your items to be sent to you via the mail.

3. Eat less sugar

While decreasing the amount of sugar that you consume is also great for your health, eating less sugar can do wonders for the state of your teeth. When we eat sugar, harmful bacteria in our mouths produce acids to digest the sugar. However, these acids help to erode the enamel on the surface of our teeth and cause plaque and tartar. This can eventually cause cavities. You should eat less harmful sugars such as the free sugars in chocolate, and, if you do, you should eat these all at once or with meals, to lessen the amount of time your teeth are exposed to the sugars.


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