Last weekend’s work on the Bury line resulted in a major milestone for the Metrolink Trafford Park Line (TPL) extension – the new sidings tracks and overhead lines at Crumpsall have been completed.

Drone footage from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) filmed by contractors MPT, gives a bird’s eye view of the works, which are a crucial part of the transformation of Crumpsall Metrolink stop, in preparation for the new line.

The new sidings tracks will allow future trams coming from the intu Trafford Centre to turn around and head back again, towards the city centre and Trafford Park. Along with the tracks and new overhead line equipment, the weekend’s work also included the installation and testing of new points machines, ready to be put into use when the Trafford Park Line opens in 2020.

Councillor Doreen Dickinson, Vice Chair of the Greater Manchester Transport Committee, said: “The stop improvement works at Crumpsall are a vital part of the Trafford Park Line extension, so it’s great to see it really coming together.

“This drone footage shows the scale of the works at Crumpsall and allows people to see just what a big project is underway and how dramatically different it looks compared to a few months ago.

“Once operational, the new line will bring Metrolink right into the heart of Europe’s largest industrial estate as well as some of our very best visitor attractions and will open up a wealth of job, sport, culture, retail and leisure opportunities for many.”

TfGM’s Head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan, said: “TPL is currently our most prominent and challenging engineering project and the work at Crumpsall is no exception.


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