It’s always good to catch a new series on the TV especially when it comes highly recommended. Well, when I say highly recommended, I mean slated in The Sunday Times which usually means I will love it. Also, this series is from the writers of The Inbetweeners which is still hilarious after many many repeats so my expectations were high.

Just to be clear, I don’t follow or really understand football but that was ok as there was only a bit of the actual game. It certainly didn’t spoil my enjoyment.

The interviews with the fans give a realistic view on what we probably all think of over-paid footballers in general and it does emphasise for comedic value the 3 main boys are not doing very much to earn their fortunes. Only working an hour a day sounds like a good gig to me.

Benji lives with his mum and she wishes he was a doctor instead of a wastrel. He razzes around in his mirror plated Bentley but then swaps it for the same colour Ford Focus so he can afford the insurance.

Jack, the Scouser, lives by himself in a beautiful house with no furniture but has only just moved in (nearly 2 years ago!). There’s empty cupboards galore and not even a glass or mug but there is a great big telly for gaming. What more could a young lad with a high salary need?

Mattie is the new signing from Kansas and it looks like there has been an almighty mistake as we don’t know if he’s any good – he’s not even listed on FIFA!

There’s a bit of blokey humour and locker room banter throughout but it was verging on bullying in a few parts which made me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

It only has a hint of The Inbetweeners so not a direct copy which was great plus there was a light sprinkling of Early Doors with a couple of skiving coppers on the take.

My summary is that it was very funny in parts and definitely shows potential but will hopefully improve as we get to know the characters more. I’ll be tuning in again next week and have even set the tape in case I forget.

Rating: 3 Stars


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