Best Men is all about one of the most important jobs a bloke can face in his lifetime. Comedians, best mates – and best men to each other – Jason Manford and Steve Edge listen, learn and laugh as they dig out some of the greatest stories, good and bad, from former best men.

In episode one, Jason and Steve chat about what happens when the all-important best man speech starts to unravel, dissecting a listener’s own tragic tale of when he delivered a speech and, frankly questionable, poem to a room of people he hardly knew.

Over the weeks, Jason and Steve will share uplifting stories of male friendship and also have a laugh, hearing some epic tales of speeches that have gone wrong, of stag do disasters, and they’ll meet the listeners currently facing up this daunting, but honourable, role. They also have wedding experts on hand to help them learn from other people’s mistakes.

Jason Manford says: “Not only have Steve and I been best friends for nearly 25 years, we were both each other’s Best Man, so I can’t think of anyone more fitting to be co-hosting this podcast on BBC Sounds. Being a Best Man is such an important job and it’s really the only time a lot of men tell their pal how they feel about them, whilst also tying them up naked to a lamp post in Amsterdam! I found it in equal parts horrifying, hilarious and cathartic. Hearing people’s tales from best man speeches to stag dos gone wrong – it’s insane the number of things that can go wrong preparing your pal for his big day.”

Steve Edge says: “For all the best men out there this wedding season, who will be going through the stress that comes along with shouldering this responsibility, I hope they find the podcast a welcome escape. I’m delighted to be co-hosting alongside my good friend Jason who thought I was such a great best man he let me do it twice! We had a great time together hearing listener’s stories and I can’t wait to hear more incredible wedding calamities and triumphs from the listeners.”

Rhian Roberts, Commissioner Podcasts, Formats & Digital BBC Radio 4, 3 and 4 Extra says: “Jason and Steve have persuaded best men from across the UK to share some appalling, disastrous stories that should never have happened, let alone be repeated on a podcast. Probably best avoided if you’re a bride-to be”


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