Dirty Mother Pukka is heading to Manchester on June 6th for a debut ‘Dirty Mother Pukka’ live show up north.

Prepare for the dirtiest, funniest and most supportive night of your knackered parent life. Co-hosted by author, campaigner and radio presenter Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka and presenter Poll Doll at Band On the Wall in Manchester.

This is an event for people who happen to be parents – a show designed for exhausted humans who want to laugh more than they cry on the gruelling yet glorious journey to raising the next generation.

The most inclusive event of the year, join other parents in a well-deserved night off. Join the one-off event to get down to the nitty-gritty on relationships and life after motherhood and laugh with other shattered parents.

Tickets cost £25, and the doors will open at 7.30pm Drinks, canapes, a goodie bag and guaranteed laughs are included with the ticket. You can buy a ticket today here. 

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