Last year, it was reported that Manchester’s house prices have had the highest growth in the UK (when compared to all the top cities) in five of the last six years. Which makes it sound like the perfect time to sell your Manchester property. The key to selling your house is to make a lasting first impression both on the inside and outside of your property. Here are some top tips to selling your house fast within the Manchester region. 

Kerb Appeal

Firstly, any prospective buyer viewing your property will (most likely) see the land surrounding your property that leads to the front or back door. It is important that the outside is attractive to build on a positive first impression as potential buyers could be put off by an untidy exterior. Start with the basics such as cutting grass, trimming hedges and eliminating any weeds. This will start to boost your ‘kerb appeal’ and show your home is well cared for. Any wooden exterior that has cracked paint, consider stripping off the chipped paint for it to be repainted to give your property a fresh look. Even consider finding somewhere to hide any recycling bins to make your outside space even more so neat. 

Declutter and Clean

Any potential buyers need to be able to picture whether they could see themselves living in your property; Hence decluttering and cleaning your house. Why not start by tidying up (or hiding) any objects that need to be put back into there place within your home. By clearing away excess items that have been accumulated over time, your property will start to help buyers vision the property and make your house feel spacious and inviting. However, do not completely declutter everything in plain sight as this will depersonalise your home.

A spring clean always goes a long way in any property. Giving everywhere in your home a thorough clean will give it a brand-new feel but (and crucially) lived in perception. Try to clean all areas including moving furniture to clean under, washing windows, dusting and wipe down any hard flooring. This will help to boost the appeal of your home and again build on the spaciousness of the property. Also, make sure that there are no odours within the property, as bad smells could put off a buyer. Try opening a window or buying some air freshener to spritz around your home.

Spruce Up

Some areas of your home may be slightly out-dated or may need a general sprucing up. One way of making your home look fresh to potential buyers is by repainting areas of your property. When choosing both wallpaper and paint, try to stick to a more neutral palette as this will give longevity to your walls and, by having lighter neutral décor, it can add to making the property feel roomy. However, make sure that if you redecorate, it has your personal touch to create character within the home. 

Fix It

Make sure that when you show a potential buyer round your property that everything is in working order. Go around your home checking that there is no plumbing, building or electrical issues. Simple things such as fixing leaky taps and changing light bulbs that stopped working will help to boost the appeal of a well-maintained household. Also, if you have any damage to your walls, why not use Polyfilla to fill any of these small holes and cracks. 


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