Learning German online is becoming highly popular these days, and more and more students are enrolling themselves for such courses with each passing day. With the growing number of students, German tutors are also high in demand to impart their language teaching skills. 

Technology has made things a lot easier and allows people to connect all across the globe. So are you a German teacher who spends maximum time sitting in front of the computer screen? 

Freelancing and virtual work have made things easier and allow people to enjoy numerous benefits in a ‘work from home frame’, but trust us-the mental pressure is equivalent to the one who works in an office cubicle. Thus it is mandatory to take out some ‘me-time’ to maintain your mental health.

Being an online German teacher fledges you with various benefits such as flexibility, easy go lucky lifestyle, time variations, etc. But at the same time, it has a few elements that can deteriorate your mental health. 

So what can you do to maintain an active yet peaceful lifestyle? Read on to get acquainted with a few tips that can help you out for your mental wellbeing when you step in the online world of opportunities.


Waking up in the morning and exercising is something that we have heard since childhood. And, yes, this does work right to keep your brains active and nerves calm. Especially when you do not have to go out of home and have to spend the maximum time of yours sitting on that computer chair hitting your eyes on the computer screen, exercise is a great way to start your day. Also, it keeps you energized and active the whole day long.

Find your support system

Whether you work in a proper office atmosphere or work from home, you always need a support system who can be there with you when you simply want someone to just hear you out. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is what the saying goes by and you need to search for such friends who can be there for you when you want yourselves to be understood. 

This support system hack plays a great role in bestowing proper mental health. Meetups, coffee hangouts, short walks, cinemas, and all such activities with your dear friends can brighten up your mood and can trigger the right amount of energy when you sit up as a German tutor in front of your laptops the next day.

Soothing and calming workstation

Nothing can be as effective as a calming aura at your workspace to boost up mental health while teaching German online. And this does not require you to be an interior designer to set up your workstation. All you need to do is to get your table free of clutter entirely and tidy each corner so that you can feel afresh every time you have to sit down for teaching. 

You can further add a few things such as flowers, potted table plants, scented candles, and similar such things to calm down your nerves. But even if you don’t add such things on your desk, make sure that your desks are free of a mess so that it offers you a relaxing mind, a cup of coffee will be of great help in addition.

Taking breaks

Being a workaholic is good but not at the cost of your health. So do not be a work addict, and sit up for continuous hours, consider taking breaks in between. This will give you some inner peace and will also let your eyes have some time off the screen that can cause stress to your eyes. 

For implying this, chalk out a schedule that has enough breaks and use them wisely at the same time. Consider relaxing your mind to music therapy, a short nap, a coffee break, a shower, a quick walking session, or similar such things that allows you to take a sneak-peek from your everyday job.

Chalk out a sleep pattern

You might be one of the finest German tutors, and you may have back to back classes. But amidst all, do not forget to take out time for sleep. Work is important, but so is sleep. So do not work round the clock and chalk out a sleeping schedule during which all you would do is sleep and nothing else in the world. 

Do not work late at night as a good night’s sleep is the key to a good morning. Further waking up in the morning and following some rituals such as opening the blinds for letting in natural light, a short walk, a cup of coffee, etc. helps in the overall mental being.

De-stress and not distress

Do you feel anxious at times? Are you someone who feels overwhelmed and tends to believe that you are not good at work? If you are a German tutor who spends a lot of time taking lessons with lots of students on roll and yet feels that you are a bad teacher, it is time for you to follow the de-stress therapy.

In such cases, one should consider practicing self-compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, etc. to keep at the top of the stress game. Even if one student has given negative feedback, it is not a reason to stress on it. 

Mistakes do happen and take feedback as a positive way to improve yourself and not to stress yourself as most people do. If you are feeling depressed or distressed, phone a friend, speak to them, eat your favorite dishes, give yourself a treat, and rejuvenate yourself so that you do not have to struggle with your mental health.


The work pressure on your shoulders may have overburdened you and may make you crib for time, but you need to remember that mental wellbeing is equally important as being a German teacher. 

So do not compromise it in any way. Try following these tips and see how you can transform your mental health and experience inner peace. Bad days are normal but instead of blaming and curbing yourselves for the same, consider finding out ways to cope with them to uplift your mood.


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