Want to know about the best law schools in America? Curious about what an elite education gets you? Read to the end, here you will find the top 5 law schools in the U.S. and the advantages of attending one of them!

Benefits of Attending Top Law Schools

  • Job opportunities. Graduates from top-ranked law institutions get high-paying jobs at prestigious law firms, government positions, and non-profit organizations as well as tend to rise faster into better positions.
  • Name recognition. Top schools are recognized not only among other lawyers but educated people in general, which adds to graduates’ credibility.
  • Wow-factor. As a consequence of recognition, the school you graduated from will cause a wow-effect.
  • Success perception. There is a perception that the lawyers who came from an elite school will be successful, and that’s why they are often given opportunities not provided to other lawyers.
  • Alumni network. Because graduates of top schools end up with better jobs and move up the ranks faster, they can help alumni.

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Best Law Schools in the USA

Every career path starts with finding a school that matches you best. When deciding what institution to choose, future students usually consider such factors as tuition fees, location, job opportunities after graduation, etc. Though school ranking should not be overlooked as it tells much about the place are applying to.

And before you ask, we used U.S. News & World Report ranking system to create the list of top institutions to master law. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

#1 Yale University

Apart from being a top Ivy League law school, Yale has multiple benefits for those who have chosen career as a lawyer. The school offers a unique study program, according to which first-year students do not get grades and gain first legal experience by representing real clients. Besides, students not only concentrate on a similar set of subjects but also can select other disciplines of their interest. In such a way, the university supports all-round development and produces professionals in law. 

Reasons to choose Yale Law School:

  • The university offers over 50 organizations and societies for students to join and network with like-minded mates.
  • Yale assists its students and alumni in the employment process and provides personal counseling, programs, and other resources to reach potential employers.
  • Apart from having a multidisciplinary and personalized curriculum, students attend workshops and lectures from famous speakers.

#2 Stanford University 

This leading law school is famous for its close-knit community and nontraditional hierarchy, which provides easier interaction between students and teaching staff. Professors are fully involved and accessible, as there are not so many students on the campus. 

Why choose SLS:

  • The school provides great financial aid packages helping students to cover the loans.
  • Here you will experience a close cooperation with mentors.
  • It is a small campus where you get to know everybody very well and make valuable connections.
  • It offers an interdisciplinary approach, making it a unique institution for mastering law.
  • It’s going to be the right place for those who want to do tech law because of the location (the heart of Silicon Valley).

#3 Harvard University

Right from the get-go, students immerse in the legal world and practice with real cases (from explaining local musicians copyright laws to taking part in disciplinary hearings). The advantages of studying at Harvard extend beyond law school, providing students with unmatched opportunities to reach their full potential and broaden their horizons.

Why choose Harvard Law School:

  • There is a great campus infrastructure with bars, dormitories, restaurants, etc.
  • The school offers multiple opportunities to serve communities around the world (students join international programs to study and work abroad).
  • In HLS, you will find more than 50 student organizations to become a part of the cultural and intellectual environment.
  • The school provides help with students’ loans through the Low Income Protection Plan.

#4 New York University

Those who want to get an interactive experience with legal practice from the first year of study should consider applying to law school at New York University. During a three-year program, students have a chance to test their skills and knowledge in over thirty legal clinics and numerous centers during seminars and workshops.

Reasons to consider New York University Law School:

  • The school provides accommodation for students, and, if desired, you can stay in the residential campus.
  • The university cooperates with other academic institutions across the world, meaning the students have an opportunity to become a part of an exchange program and gain legal experience abroad.
  • There are over 60 clubs and organizations for students supported by the university.

#5 Carey Law School

As a part of the University of Pennsylvania, Carey Law School is considered one of the best institutions to get a law degree. As well as Yale Law School, Carey supports interdisciplinarity and provides an opportunity for students to choose courses in other academic departments. The students are involved in real-life cases and community service projects starting from their first school year. 

Why go to Cary Law School:

  • The school offers an on-campus housing option for students to stay close with their mates.
  • Every undergraduate has to complete over 70 hours of professional volunteering, which is a part of legal practice.

Final Thoughts

Top law schools are not only about prestige and success but also a great experience and job opportunities in the U.S. and internationally. Weigh the benefits, assess your chances, and start preparation as soon as possible!


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