Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd has applied for the role of Interim Mayor for Greater Manchester.

The former Labour MP who was elected to the commissioner’s post in 2012, has said that if successful will only take one salary whilst combining the posts.

The introduction of an interim mayor was announced as the first step in the devolution of powers to Greater Manchester under the “devoManc” deal agreed by the Government and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and comes ahead of the changes in primary legislation required for the creation of the directly-elected mayor, who will be elected in May 2017 (subject to legislation). 

The “devoManc” deal includes the measure to merge the role of Police and Crime Commissioner with that of the elected mayor.

n a statement Tony said:

“All eyes are now on Greater Manchester. Some are hoping we succeed and prove devolved government can deliver a more equal and prosperous Britain, but there will be some waiting for it to fail. That brings a great responsibility for us and all England’s City and County regions and it’s a challenge I am ready for.”

Adding that he would work to ensure that the benefits of economic success can be felt right across Greater Manchester be that through decent jobs, housing development, training and education opportunities, better, cheaper and further reaching transport links, reduced crime or better health outcomes.


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