Ged Finnigan visited the Lowry Theatre for the opening night of 42 Balloons which runs until the 19th May

If you are looking for a joyous, upbeat musical with a sprinkling of pathos,then look no further than 42 Balloons.

The story of Larry Walters and his quest to fly into the wide blue yonder, in a lawn chair attached to 42 balloons. It sounds bizarre, but all true.

Jack Godfrey, the creator of 42 Balloons, has come up with an evening of joy, including some excellent quirky and humorous songs that had me smiling from start to finish.

Charlie McCullagh as Larry and Evelyn Hoskins as Carol, the love of his life, performed their parts with faultless aplomb.

In fact the whole performance rolls along effortlessly. With solid supporting roles from Gillian Hardy as Carol’s Mum, Lejaun Sheppard as Ron and Tinovimbanashe Sibanda as the Kid.

It has to be said that the whole ensemble performed exceptionally. Simon Anthony as Letterman was a highlight for me. Giving a superb comic performance.
Praise has to be given to the set design.

The vision of putting it all inside a giant balloon was a masterstroke, lending well to the use of videos.

Altogether this was a memorable night out. 42 Balloons deserves to be a hit, and I for one hope it is.


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