The eventful tennis season is gaining momentum now. After the end of the Australian Open, sportsmen are gradually switching to soil, as the second Grand Slam tournament of the year – Roland-Garros is ahead.

One of the tournaments taking place before competitions in the French capital is a tournament in Rome. This is a real challenge even for recognized favorites. Experts highlight the instability of many leaders of the current global ranking. Especially this regards to women. For example, Ukrainian player Elina Svitolina can easily beat the first seed but then drop out beaten by a weaker rival.

The male net is more predictable. Now, Rafael Nadal is in great condition. He has won Roland-Garros many times and intends to repeat his success this year.  The eminent Spanish player can compete with:

  • Roger Federer (who is also ranked first);
  • Alexander Zverev;
  • Grigor Dimitrov.

Exactly these sportsmen are taking the top lines of the global ranking. Well, tennis is traditionally distinguished by unpredictability. Here, in addition to professionalism, the court surface plays a determining role for the final result. The website 777score presents the timely data on tournaments of both international and regional level.

Time for Crucial Competitions

After Roland-Garros, we’ll have to wait for some time and witness the next Grand Slam tournament, Wimbledon. The champion in the number of victories here is Roger Federer, a legendary Swiss player. This year, he will compete for the title on English courts again.

As for women, the favorites are Simona Halep who is ranked first and Caroline Wozniacki who has already triumphed in Australian Open. The Danish sportswoman is one of the most “universal” tennis players, as she plays on different courts equally successfully, which not all participants do. Also, the history of personal relationships between sportswomen plays a big role, as even professionals have to deal with “uncomfortable” players with their peculiar style of play.

Crucial competitions are ahead and their outcome can have a direct impact on the global ranking. Obviously, we can expect a lot of transpositions in rankings, so join professionals and you’ll witness all changes in live mode.


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