The Greater Manchester Resilience Hub is extending its covid-19 psychological and emotional wellbeing support to thousands more health and care staff and their families who work and/ or live in Greater Manchester.

The service, which is supported and funded by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, was set up in April 2020 in response to covid-19 and is part of a range of wellbeing and mental health services available to health and care staff across the region.

Helen Lambert, service lead at the Resilience Hub, explains: “For the first six months we have provided targeted psychological support to frontline staff across the NHS, adult social care and emergency services who have cared for people with covid-19.

“As the pandemic continues we recognise that there are thousands of other health and care workers who may not have been on the frontline caring for patients; but have experienced stressful or traumatic events whether at work or at home. Expanding our service to all health and care workers, and their family members, means that staff who are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed can get the help they need.”

The Resilience Hub offers a confidential wellbeing questionnaire which can be completed online or over the phone. Everyone who completes the questionnaire will have access to speak to one of the Resilience Hub’s qualified NHS mental health professionals.

Dr Alan Barrett, clinical psychologist and clinical lead for adults at the Resilience Hub, added: “People are contacting us on a range of issues such as increased workloads, redeployment concerns, home schooling, financial impacts and bereavement. We’ve also had people speaking to us about the impact on their family and managers needing a little more guidance to ensure they are doing the right things for their teams.

“Some staff are reporting fatigue, stress, anger and guilt. For others, the experience, although challenging, has presented opportunities for personal and professional growth. There is a lot of support available but navigating it can be challenging. Our team can help guide people to the right resources and into the right support for them.”

The service will be available to all clinical, domestic, administrative and corporate staff working in hospitals, the community, primary care and North West Ambulance Service*; care home and social care staff; as well as health and care staff working for community and voluntary social enterprise organisations in Greater Manchester.

For more information, advice and support visit, call 03330 095 071 or email


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