All of the residents in Manchester’s care homes for older people have received their Covid-19 vaccinations following a huge effort to protect some of the city’s most vulnerable residents.

Residents of the city’s 56 care homes were among the first people to be prioritised for the vaccine rollout, with NHS teams aiming to have completed the vaccination of this cohort by January 24.

Following a final push over the weekend of January 23-24 this work has now been successfully completed.

The vaccines were administered either by local GPs or gtd healthcare, a not-for-profit provider of primary care, urgent care and dental services across the North West. gtd healthcare have been commissioned by the NHS to support delivery and roll out of the vaccine to care homes and worked alongside a project team from the city’s NHS organisations and Manchester City Council.

The programme was also supported by pharmacists from the Manchester Health and Care Commissioning Medicines Optimisation Team, as well as NHS community staff.

Carolyn Ball, general manager of Belong Morris Feinmann Care Village in Didsbury, said: “We are absolutely delighted that our residents have had this opportunity to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. This is the additional protection we have long been waiting for and it’s great to be starting the new year knowing that our residents are at reduced risk. The commitment of the NHS in Manchester to rolling the programme out promptly, and the team from gtd healthcare delivering it in our care setting in spite of the complex logistics, is really impressive. We’re so grateful as their well organised approach meant our residents and colleagues were amongst the first in the UK to receive the vaccine”


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