“I didn’t make fun or life altering decisions about the future. I was feeling everything and nothing but couldn’t find the words to describe it.”

For the Royal Exchange Theatre’s award-winning Young Company happiness, in 2021, is a radical act. In their brand-new show The Survivors Guide to Living writer Zodwa Nyoni, Young Company alumna director Anna Berentzen and the Company ask themselves – What does the future hold, what does it look like? What are the rules of the world? What is winning? And to win must there always be a loser? After a year of so much loss what does joy feel like?

The play opens in the Theatre on 26 August and runs until 28 August. All performances will include integrated British Sign Language translation.

This brand-new show is a beautiful exploration of everything (and more) that young people have been feeling and experiencing when the world has, quite simply, not made sense. A revolutionary protest of joy, a fight for our mental health, for our environment, our politics, our connections and most of all for each other. The Survivors Guide to Living is a guide to finding your way back… to yourself and to others. It’s a small win in a big, changing, shifting, remarkable world.

Writer Zodwa Nyoni said…

“Throughout the development process the Young Company trusted me with their vulnerabilities and what they have experienced over the last 18 months. The play allows us to collectively gather, hold space for each other and use storytelling to remember where joy sits within us as creatives.”

The Survivors Guide to Living – Listings Information

A Royal Exchange Theatre production


Co-created by writer Zodwa Nyoni and the Royal Exchange Young Company Performers.

Directed by Anna Berentzen

26 August – 28 August

Social distancing will remain in place for these performances


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