The best man title is an honour, as much as a role – usually falling to the groom’s best friend, brother, or another close male relative. Best man duties include planning the all-important stag do, giving the best man’s speech and looking after the rings.

Since most men will only take it on once or twice in a lifetime, it is important to refresh your memory on best man duties and what the role involves.

Wedding preparation

Luckily, the bulk of planning duties traditionally fall to the maid of honour and bride-to-be – but that doesn’t mean the best man won’t be expected to offer support. As a rule, anything that falls to the groom will be on the best man’s to-do list – from arranging suit fittings and helping to select formalwear, to a more hands-on involvement with planning the day.

The best man’s job is to organise the prep: set up group chats for discussing suit hire and stag night antics. Organise fittings and make sure all page boys and ushers can be present. The best man’s role is to go above and beyond – know the details, from cufflinks to usher arrangements.

A best man should be sure to check in with the bride to get familiar with the plan of action for the big day. The purpose of the role is to assist the groom – to ensure he is on time, smart, in good condition – and having a great time.

There are many tips and tricks for writing the perfect best man’s speech – whether you’re a joker or prefer to keep it simple. One thing is vital: don’t try to wing your moment in the spotlight!

Stag do

The stag do is the crowning glory of the best man role, and it’s what all the boys will be looking forward to. Thoughtful planning is required to really pull this off.

Traditionally, the stag do is held on the night before the wedding. But, this is becoming less common, and in 2018 the event is more likely to last a whole weekend. Hung-over grooms are not a good look, so if you do choose to go with tradition, it will be your job to ensure the groom-to-be is fresh-faced by morning.

It is a good idea to get creative with the stag do, and to talk to the groom himself about preferences. A raucous weekend in Ibiza is not for everyone, and there are lots of great alternative stag do ideas out there.

Though it’s important to plan a memorable trip to let the groom enjoy his last days of ‘freedom’, don’t feel the need to live up to grand expectations – a great day out with the groom’s closest mates can work just as well, and you will need to factor in everyone’s budget.

On the day

The best man’s speech is often the most nerve-wracking part of the role, but your big moment will be rewarding if you prepare well.

On the day, your main focus should be the delivery. The best man should let his hair down slightly, but avoid earning a reputation as the drunken speechmaker.

With greetings and drink offers everywhere, it is easy for grooms to become sidetracked at their weddings. The best man needs to be able to manage the groom’s day – getting him down the aisle in a sober state, and ensuring he is present at key milestones, like the first dance and cutting of the cake.

Most importantly, the best man’s role is to oversee the wedding and make sure the groom is having the best day of his life.

After the wedding

The best man duties may extend beyond the wedding – offering to organise transportation to the wedding hotel or honeymoon can be a thoughtful touch.

Make no mistake: this is a big responsibility, but it’s also a great opportunity to throw the groom his last big party before married life, and not a chance worth missing.


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