In-between a Global touring schedule and to celebrate the release of a new album, Morcheeba have announced a run of shows including Manchester Gorilla.

Vocalist Skye Edwards and multi-instrumentalist/producer Ross Godfrey emerged from mid-’90s trip hop scene in London and quickly became part of a household name through their chilled electronica tracks such as ‘The Sea’ and ‘Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’.

In June they released their ninth studio album Blaze Away.  Marking a fresh start in their return to the joyous genre-mashing of their early days, Blaze Away follows no rules and is limitless in its extraordinary style. “We brought back a lot of the influences of early Morcheeba records – from ‘50s blues, ‘60s psychedelic rock and ‘70s dub reggae to ‘80s electro and hip hop. Whatever felt right, we went with.” Said Godfrey.

Their experimental attitude to writing, they say, is down to their extensive touring which has seen them continuously perform everywhere across the globe from Tel Aviv to Cape Town.  As one of the first Western acts to tour China, Morcheeba are no strangers to a stage and have mastered the art of captivating their audiences no matter the city, country or continent.

Tickets go on sale Thursday 19th July at 9am via

Mon 08 October            Manchester Gorilla


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