In 2021, property prices all but one city, were classed as ‘affordable to buy a house’. Using average salary and house price data for cities, Durham is the the only place that is affordable for a single person with an average salary for that city and a mortgage of 3.5 times salary. House prices in Durham could rise by 8 per cent and still be affordable for someone on an average wage with a 20 per cent deposit.

The Northern cities occupied the entire top 10, where house prices would need to drop the by the smallest percentage, to make buying a house affordable. 

Top 10 most affordable cities:

1. Durham
2. Stoke-on-Trent
3. Sunderland
4. Preston
5. Carlisle
6. Liverpool
7. Hull
8. Bradford
9. Newcastle upon Tyne
10. Derby

Read the entire 2021 data breakdown here: 


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