Manchester has long been one of the most innovative cities in Great Britain. As the home of the very first stored computer system, the city is no stranger to technological advances and even helped kickstart the industrial revolution. While those days are a thing of the past, Manchester continues to be a centre for innovation and development. The city is slowly becoming the tech capital of the UK, attracting some of the biggest talent and companies from all over the country.

Manchester is now classed the top UK city outside of London to start a business, with goals to become a top-five European digital city and global influencer. Many of the businesses being started in the city are digital and tech companies, and it also has a fast-growing £5 billion digital ecosystem. Manchester is now home to over 10,000 digital and IT companies, ranging from start-ups and SMEs to global names like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco. In addition, there are numerous unicorn companies.


Why is Manchester So Popular with New Businesses?

Recent years have seen Manchester benefit from companies moving their headquarters further north to save on costs. Known as north-shoring, this is where companies look to save costs on office rental and employees by moving to where costs of living are cheaper. Some of the biggest digital companies in the UK, such as Auto Trader, AO and Boohoo, have recently relocated for this purpose. However, the city is also attracting lots of new startups too.

Manchester is now the centre of Northern startups, with lots of new and emerging businesses centring around the region. In addition, the growing tech scene and emerging businesses is driving more entrepreneurs to the city, allowing it to grow further. Many entrepreneurs from across the country and around the world come to Manchester to network, exchange ideas and start their new businesses. Over time, this has created a vibrant ecosystem that draws in further talent.

As a result of the continued growth, Manchester is now home to more digital businesses than ever before. These companies rely on UK digital marketing to help them grow and reach new customers online, allowing them to hit new targets. Many emerging tech and digital companies in the UK make use of digital marketing techniques, and Manchester is fast becoming a place for digital companies.

Aside from being cheaper and filled with talent, Manchester has a lot to offer in terms of culture and more. The city has excellent transport links, both internally and to surrounding areas. This makes it ideal to find employees from many places and allows companies to easily choose from different locations. In addition, Manchester has great services, including schools and hospitals, so attracting the best talent from around the world is much easier.

What’s Next for the City of Manchester?

Manchester has grown quickly over the past few years but shows no sign of slowing down.  The city is on course to become one of Europe’s leading smart cities, a city that implements digital and electronic devices to collect data. As a new technological hub of the north, it makes sense for the city to implement these features, helping to give residents a better experience.

As the city grows and new startups emerge, it’s an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and those working in a variety of sectors. Employment is up, and there are always new job openings being created. Whether it’s in the tech industry or a digital business, Manchester can be a highly beneficial place to get things off the ground. In the future, new opportunities may also arise as the city goes smart, implementing IoT tech. 


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