Hundreds of primary school children are set to inspire each other and the next generation of scientists at the Greater Manchester Great Science Share.

It is the only science event of its kind in the UK where the programme is designed and developed by children for children.

The Great Science Share is a celebration of creativity, innovation and sharing – bringing together more than 70 schools from Greater Manchester and across the country. Building on the major success of the European City of Science, this event provides an exciting opportunity to connect every child with science again.

The University of Manchester is expecting children of all ages to get involved and attend. But there will be a specific focus on 7-11 year olds, who will be presenting sports science ideas at the training campus of Greater Manchester Great Science Share collaborator Manchester City Football Club.

‘Do people with longer legs jump further?’ ‘Do people with larger feet run slower?’ ‘How can you slow fast things down?’ ‘Are left footed people better at scoring goals?’ And ‘What’s best? A right or left handed goalie?’ are just some of the questions the children will be exploring together on the day.

The event take’s place on Wednesday, July 5 and also includes the ‘Great Science Groove’. This is a bespoke song created just for this year’s event by the University of Manchester, Halle Education,Dance Manchester and the Derby High School.

The school’s event follows on from the Business of Science Conference and the Great Science Teachmeet, which both took place at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell reminds us that the Great Science Share is an opportunity for children in the City, ‘to inspire them, engage them and involve them because we need more scientists and we want them to come from the young people in Manchester.’

Organiser Dr Lynne Bianchi from the University of Manchester said 37 schools participated in last year’s event at Manchester Town Hall, but this year promises to be even bigger and better, with more collaborators across Greater Manchester and nationally too.

She said: “There’s no another event like it anywhere in the UK. What makes The Great Science Share so unique is it’s run by the children for other children – it’s their science stories being shared and primary science being valued and visible. We ask the adults to very much take a backseat, and we’ve seen the children step up and love being scientists for the day.

“It’s just a fantastic event and so fitting that it stems out of Manchester, a city that’s built on science and engineering innovation and achievements.

“The Great Science Share gives every young person in our great City the chance to ask and answer questions, find out, explore, investigate and most of all have fun doing it together with other children and new audiences.”


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