Oldham’s Labour Party are asking the Government to think again about allowing developers to by pass local planning processes and give resident back their rights

Letters and notices from IX Wireless have appeared across Chadderton, Royton, Hollinwood and Werneth informing residents a network of poles and wires is being set up in their street.

Residents have complained on the doorstep, on social media and directly by e-mail asking why a private company can just announce it is doing the work without consultation or any kind of permission.

The letters and notices say the work is being done using ‘permitted development’ rights.

Councillor Amanda Chadderton explained “The Tory Government has expanded permitted development rights for developers over the past 12 years and this includes allowing companies to install infrastructure like the wireless network IX Wireless is building.

“In some cases the Council doesn’t even have to be told the work is going to be done and the first anyone knows is when it starts or notices are put up telling people work is starting.

Councillor Chadderton added “The OIdham Labour Party think it’s disgraceful that local people have no say over what their streets will look like and I’m not convinced it’s needed. Pavements have just been dug up by another company installing an underground network for wireless services and it’s hard to see how this is even essential infrastructure rather than a big company trying to do something on the cheap.

“Permitted development bypasses planning processes and means neither residents nor the Council have any say. I’ve written to Michael Gove, the Minister in charge of Government Planning Policy, asking him to change the law to make sure new masts have to go through the local planning process. I’m really concerned about the impact this street clutter has for our visually impaired residents, wheelchair users and pushchair pushers. I know we need good broadband connections but there are better ways of making sure people have the infrastructure needed.”


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