Thousands of people have already witnessed the end of the world at Bury Art Museum – and there’s still time to see it!
The Biblical prophecy of the blood moon recently took social media and newspapers by storm, with the dreaded day of doom scheduled to wipe us out on 27 September 2015.

While we’re still here, more than 10,000 people curious to see what could have been have already visited “The Late Great Planet Earth” exhibition at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre.

Hilary Jack’s exhibition is the first solo show by a UK artist at the Sculpture Centre since its opening in May 2014. It includes pieces such as The Prophet – a tribute to survivalists who stockpile food and supplies for the world’s end – and Christ is Coming, which features an LED neon scrolling sign with humorous headlines taken from actual news reports covering doomsday prophesy stories.

Natasha Hows, senior curator of Manchester Art Gallery, said: “Hilary Jack’s work goes from strength to strength. From her origins as an abstract painter to the current works in a range of media which engage with-thought provoking environmental and philosophical issues, Jack has been on a profound artistic journey.

“The works in The Late Great Planet Earth respond to the architecture of the spaces at Bury Sculpture Centre and range from the intimate to the large scale. The pleasure one derives from viewing her stunning sculptures, installations and mixed media works belies the seriousness of her message and what is at stake for all of us.”

For those who don’t want to miss the end of the world, the exhibition will be on show in Bury Sculpture Centre until 14 February 2016.

The Sculpture Centre is open Tuesday to Friday (10am–5pm) and Saturday (10am–4.30pm) with free entry.


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