We constantly hear in the news about how it is all doom and gloom for young professionals in the UK, particularly in the Northern areas such as Manchester. However, it does not all have to be bad news as now is actually the perfect time for young Mancunian professionals to start investing! The very best thing you can do with investing your money is to start young and there are lots of different investing options out there for you to choose from depending on your time commitment to watching your investments and how quickly you want to try and make money. Here, we are taking you through some of the most exciting ways that you can start investing.

The Stock Market

When we talk about investing, most people will instantly think about the stock market. What’s great about investing in the stock market is that practically anyone can do it now and it is not such a big mystery to the average young Mancunian professional anymore. You do not need to start off with a lot of money to invest in the stock market, contrary to what is commonly believed, and there is plenty of opportunities to make a lot of money if you make the right deals.

However, before you even begin to consider investing in the stock market, it is incredibly important that you understand how these markets work before you jump right in or you face losing substantial amounts of money.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is an extremely popular way for young professionals to get started investing and this is when you trade on the Foreign Exchange Market. This does require more time and effort as you will be buying to try and sell at a much higher price which means you need to be consistently analysing the market. You need to be very well versed in Forex Trading, because if you are too inexperienced, you could potentially lose a lot of money. There is a lot of information out there on Forex Trading for beginners and you need to sit down and take the time to fully understand how to buy and sell for profit.

Real Estate

The property market is constantly hitting the news headlines as we experience both rises and falls in the price of property. Real estate is still a great investment to make if you can find the perfect property for a good price and you can enjoy some fantastic returns on your investment when selling it on.


Bonds are another very popular type of investment. This is because they are considered to be a ‘safe’ investment and do not carry as high risks as the stock market. However, as they are safer than the stock market, you cannot expect them to perform in the same way and they will not provide you with as large a return as other investment strategies.

The important thing to remember with any type of investing is to make sure that you have a diversified portfolio. Having a diversified portfolio will ensure that even if one of your income streams fails, you still have others in place and the financial blow is not as hard. Try your hand at investing today if you are a young Mancunian professional to see how large your investments can grow.


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