The latest research by estate agent comparison site,, has looked at where offers the best bet for sun-seekers when looking to get on the UK property ladder.

Summer is here and while it can be unpredictable at best, looked at which areas are bathed in the largest amount of sunshine throughout the year and how much it costs to buy a house in one of these property suntrap hotspots.

With an average of 1920.8 hours of sunshine a year, Chichester is the sunniest spot in the UK, however, the area also comes with a property price premium with an average of £365,101. As a result, the area is home to a sunshine property price cost of £190 for every hour of sunlight – the highest of the lot.

The best place for an affordable foot on the ladder while topping up your tan is Plymouth. With an average house price of just £171,932 and average of 1730.1 hours of sunshine per year, Plymouth costs just £99 in property prices for each hour of sunshine.

St David’s in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is the next most affordable sunshine hotspot for homebuyers. With the lowest average house price of all areas in the list (£166,344) and 1649.6 hours of sunshine per year, the area is home to a cost of just £101 in property prices for every hour of sunshine.

Newport is the third most affordable and the only other area with an average house price below £200,000, costing £114 in property costs for each of the 1620.6 hours of sunshine per year.

Also making the list are Southampton (£123), Norwich (£128), Truro (£147), Salisbury (£169), Bristol (£169), and Canterbury (£179).

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented: 

“Perhaps one of the most sought after and hard to come by resources going in the UK, so it’s surprising that a higher chance of sunshine doesn’t carry a larger property price premium in these areas.

In fact, a number of them are actually very affordable when compared to the UK average and not only can you get on the ladder for a lower price, but you can also work on your tan for the three weeks a year that we are blessed with some nice weather.”


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