Independent Manchester distillery and renowned gin experts Zymurgorium are to venture into the rum market with the Cane Toad collection.  

The founders of Zymurgorium have swapped juniper berries for sugarcane – and the first rum to launch combines the explosion of rum spices with the silky textures of ruby chocolate – a world first in an alcoholic drink.

Like a true pirate, Manchester’s first gin distillery founders Zymurgorium, will take you on a journey of discovery, exploring new flavours along the way with the Tale of Ruby Eyes Ruby Chocolate Rum.

Centred on the wacky galactic world of the Origiverse, the ruby chocolate rum is the first in the collection to follow the adventures of the boisterous Admiral Winky in his quest to save the ancient Ruby Eyes of Malda from the grasps of pirate Captain Henry M.

Enjoy served on the rocks, mixed with cola, or for something truly epic mix, with hot or cold milk.

After establishing themselves as market leaders in the gin world Zymurgorium continues to lead the way in drinks innovation and is the first to use ruby chocolate in any tipple.

Inspired by rich flavours with a twist, the new ruby chocolate rum will leave drinkers in no doubt about the makers sticking to a true original Zymurgorium feel.

Aaron Darke, founder and MD of Zymurgorium, has announced the new drink as the demand for rum continues to grow in 2020.

“Following the success of other Zymurgorium spirits, we wanted to experiment with new products. Rum is what trend drinkers are enjoying at the moment, and we wanted to create something that our customers would love just as much as we do.

Ruby chocolate rum is something completely new for us and the market, with a classic Zymurgorium feel. A rum with pink tones, the drink has a mysterious feel, leaving customers feeling like a true Zymurgorium pirate.” (Aaron Darke, founder/MD of Zymurgorium)

Zymurgorium The Tale of the Ruby Eyes Ruby Chocolate Rum will be available to buy here and associated stockists from £29.95; for our new larger bespoke 70cL bottle.


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