An innovative partnership team has helped over 6,000 people improve their mental health, so they can live well and reach their full potential.

The Tameside and Glossop living life well neighbourhood mental health team includes professionals from The Big Life Group, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Tameside Council and Tameside, Oldham, and Glossop Mind.

Together they have helped 6,200 people to receive the right mental health support easily and quickly.

Many people needed advice and guidance or were put in touch with other appropriate support, such as substance misuse services. However, the team have provided 1,600 people with more structured and longer-term support such as psychological therapy, or personalised coaching.

Feedback is really positive – with 90% of people making progress against their personal goals and 99% happy with their experience.

Meanwhile, 63% of people reported improved satisfaction in relation to work, employment or social and improvement in their overall quality of life. This is a real success, as recovery can be challenging and is often difficult to achieve.

The living life well neighbourhood mental health team is helping to bridge the gap for people (aged 16 and above) with needs that are too complex for general primary care support (GPs), but not complex enough to require specialist or hospital mental health services.

It’s part of a wider neighbourhood network, called the Tameside living life well collaborative. This includes GPs, hospital and physical health services, substance misuse support, social care, the police, charity and voluntary partners, specialist organisations (e.g. domestic violence) and more.

If someone needs support beyond what neighbourhood team can offer, they can easily connect them with the right team or professional and everyone can work together to continually improve care and support for local people.

Service manager Claire Maw said: “We all have a shared passion for being positive about mental health. Together we can make sure that people can quickly and easily receive the right help, which is essential making sure they achieve their goals and can live well.

“Patient feedback has played a key role in developing the team and allowed us to really meet their needs.  We’re really pleased to offer such a fantastic service to local people, as they deserve the best.”

Elisha’s story

Elisha Porter, 31, from Denton is mum to three children and two step-children.  She said: “I struggled with my mental health for several years before asking for help. I was very depressed, anxious and questioned everything.

“Things came to a head during the 2020 lockdown. I couldn’t cope and it was affecting my relationship with my partner. My doctor put me in touch with the team.

“I was diagnosed as having trauma with emotional de-regulation, resulting from a challenging past relationship. I was offered cognitive analytical therapy and was lucky enough to start it straight away. My therapist Justin is the best person in the world. He was so caring and really listened.

“It’s been so helpful and has given me the skills to look at things more positively and deal with difficult situations more calmly and effectively.

“I was also supported by Anne to apply for a personal independence payment, to top up my wage. She helped me contact them, supported me to complete lots of paper work and kept in regular touch with me until I heard back.  My application was successful. It’s a huge relief as it means I don’t have to worry about money as much now. I’d 100% recommend the service.”

How to access support

Access to the neighbourhood mental health team is via the borough’s mental health open door (single point of entry). People can be referred by their GP or health professional or can phone 0161 716 4247.


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