Dancefloors across the globe may currently lie empty but that hasn’t prevented a group of music production students from Chester from releasing their new single.

It has been produced by Nora Ring, 22, from Oslo, Norway and Michael Rooney, 23, from Ireland as part of their studies.

The basis of the track had been initially created before the country entered lockdown with the students collaborating virtually from different countries using limited equipment to bring it to fruition.

Nora said: “One of the most enjoyable parts of the project for me was working with Mike in the studio sharing ideas for the track. We both have different approaches and techniques on how we do this kind of project but for Miora we could combine our strengths and make something different.

“Thankfully we had done most of the groundwork before the lockdown, but when it started it became challenging as we couldn’t work on it together collectively in the studio, we had to send the project back and forth.”

As Michael is based in rural Ireland, internet speeds were another challenge for the duo. He added: “We got there eventually and are both really happy with how it has turned out.

“The song is about when you can’t stop falling for someone, but it doesn’t seem as though they like you back and you just can’t stop thinking about them all day and every night.”

Jim Mason, Programme Leader for BA Music Production, said: “I’m really proud that Nora and Michael have completed this track ready for release while being miles apart and working on the project virtually, with very limited technology. Although challenging, this experience will stand them in good stead to be able to work flexibly in the industry once they graduate as artists and producers often collaborate at a distance.”


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