Stepping Hill Hospital’s stroke centre in Stockport has been rated the best in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the 3rd time in the last five years.

In the latest report from the independent quarterly report from the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP), Stepping Hill Hospital came top in England, Wales and NI out of a total of 224 routinely admitting acute stroke teams (those which admit the majority of stroke patients directly for acute stroke care). Stepping Hill Hospital Stroke Unit had previously been rated best in SSNAP report in December 2018, maintained 2nd position until July 2019, and have returned to the top position once again.

The SNNAP report, produced by the Royal College of Physicians in collaboration with stroke clinicians, researchers and patient representatives, is the single source of stroke data for England, Wales and NI and rates the quality and performance of services for every stroke patient, from treatment to recovery. It covers the quarterly period July-September 2019, which is the latest period for which the programme has full information.

Strokes are the fourth biggest killer in the UK, and a leading cause of disability – but swift, specialist treatment can make a big difference in recovery. People are most likely to have a stroke over the age of 55, but around a quarter of strokes happen in people of working age. There are around 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK.

One current patient on the unit is Mrs Ann Moss, 78, from Macclesfield. Ann had a stroke at home in November last year and was taken by ambulance to receive emergency stroke care. She has since been recovering on the unit. Ann says “I’ve received marvellous care here at Stepping Hill. It’s a very friendly and light-hearted atmosphere here on the ward, which really helps. I used to do Tai Chi exercise before my stroke and they’ve been helping me to do that again as part of my recovery. I’m very thankful to them all.”

Thankfully Ann is recovering well and it is believed she will soon be ready for discharge to go home.

Dr Srinath Meadipudi, Clinical Director for stroke services at the hospital said; “We’re absolutely delighted to be recognised as top stroke unit from the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme once more. This achievement is very much a team effort and everyone who works on the wards, including nursing, medical, therapists, domestic staff and many others all contribute towards providing the best possible care and experience for our stroke patients. I’d like to thank them all and I look forward to us continuing to provide top class care and treatment, giving our patients the best chance of recovery that we can.”


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