Just in time for Haloween, Sea Life Manchester  has welcomed a new spooky species of Jellyfish, Upside Down Jellyfish.

Along with the spectacular Upside Down Jellyfish, the additional bloom of Sea Nettles are sure to spook visitors out this Halloween, as they swim like ghosts through water and float mysteriously around the tank.

Delve in deep and learn all about the Jellyfish that are 95% water and don’t even have brains, eyes, hearts or blood! Having been identified over 500 million years ago and with over 350 different species, these creatures are established and beautiful in their own right.

In an array of striking colours, these Jellyfish will wow visitors and leave them inspired.

Manchester’s Jellyfish smack which is the official description of a swarm, are housed in a special ‘Kreisel’ display which maintains a circular current to keep their delicate bodies away from the tank’s hard surfaces.

Curator Dan McLaughlan commented: “Guests will learn so much about the Jellyfish by coming along to the centre, including the fact that they are one of the oldest types of creature in the world and a group of Jellyfish is actually called a bloom!”

Families are invited to see the Jellyfish all year round but with a special appearance at the Spooky Seas event, running from now until 31st October.

Not to miss the devil crabs, batfish, vampire tangs and of course, one of the smartest creatures in the ocean, Frankie the Giant Pacific Octopus, who interacts and plays with Dan, Sea Life Manchester’s aquarium curator.


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