ClassForKids, an Access company, is an award-winning booking and management software that is championing ways to keep children in the community active this summer with help from the incredible local kids’ clubs available across Manchester, Liverpool, and Lancaster.
Ahead of the English end of term, and with fewer than half of all children and young people in the UK achieving the Chief Medical Officers’ recommendation of 60 minutes of physical exercise daily, the importance of promoting activity within local communities is clear.
ClassForKids is highlighting some of the local kids’ clubs that will be running at various points throughout the summer holidays across the Northwest.
Staying active over the summer holidays helps kids maintain physical fitness, improves mental well-being, and fosters social skills and teamwork. It also boosts confidence and supports cognitive development, laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
The aim is not only to increase awareness of local opportunities for children but also to support the development of passions and provide a welcome boost to families during a potentially challenging period of the year for working parents.
Tracey McBain, Chief Operations Officer at ClassForKids, said
 “At ClassForKids, we are proud to champion kids club owners and provide them with the necessary tools required to allow their business to thrive within their local area and beyond. This isn’t just vital to the local economy: kids’ clubs play an invaluable role within communities by not only keeping young people physically active, but also engaging children, providing them with opportunities, and improving their social skills.”
Committed to providing access to clubs across the nation, ClassForKids – an Access company – works to promote a variety of activities including football, dance, gymnastics, ball sports, and much more. With over 3,000 clubs located across the UK, Ireland and beyond, there is an activity for every child.
For kids with a passion for sports, there are activities ranging from football with Soccer Stars Academy Liverpool, tennis at Tennis Vision, gymnastics with First Gymnastics, and to build general fitness, Bitesize Bootcamp.
If the performing arts are more suited to your child’s interests, why not explore their budding dancer skills and try their hand at cheerleading with Stormers Elite Cheerleading Club.
Tracey continued, “ClassForKids is committed to promoting the importance of kids’ clubs, and we hope that we can support as many children as possible across the Northwest with discovering something they really love this summer. You never know, these might turn into lifetime passions!”
If you are a parent looking to discover classes in your local area, click here to see what’s on this summer. If you run a kids’ activity club and are looking to save time to focus on what really matters, visit the ClassForKids website here and get in touch with the team.


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