Salford City Council has announced that Mystery Bird, a spectacular moving art installation for the people of Eccles, taking place from 23-27th January, will travel along 50 residential streets throughout the historic market town, taking in Peel Green, Barton, Winton and Patricroft before visiting the town centre.

Residents along the route will be visited by an illuminated bird cage with a magical soundscape, and experience a magical projection of the birds escaping across homes and buildings. The installation celebrates birds, as a symbol of hope and freedom, and is made to be seen by an audience of all ages, abilities and accessibility.

Running for five consecutive nights, Mystery Bird will visit a different area of Eccles each evening from 5-7:30pm, starting with Peel Green on Tuesday 23rd, then Winton on Wednesday 24th, Patricroft on Thursday 25th and Barton on Friday 26th January.

Residents can visit to find further details on the planned route, which is subject to change.

On Saturday 27th, visitors to Eccles Town Centre will be treated to a magical pop up Mystery Bird moment, as the birdcage will spend 30 minutes positioned outside St Mary’s Church, the oldest part of the town, which grew around the church in the 13th Century. The birds will create a stunning visual for passersby, as they sweep around on to the church and surrounding buildings, creating a beacon of light at the heart of the town.

As its ambitious regeneration project for Eccles begins, Salford City Council is celebrating this exciting opportunity for change by shining a light on the town centre with a series of events for residents and visitors alike. The programme is a shared vision and collaborative project, and Salford City Council is working closely with local organisations, community groups, and businesses to deliver this.

Councillor Hannah Robinson-Smith, Executive Support Member for Culture, Communications and Strategic Priorities, said: “As part of our ongoing Events Programme in Eccles, Mystery Bird is an exciting project all about bringing people together; across the community and in the town centre. Communities in all corners of Eccles will be involved when this illuminated artwork travels down designated streets, and the event will culminate with a projection of birds onto Eccles Parish Church in the town centre on Saturday 27 January.

“Mystery Bird is another fantastic reason to be proud of Eccles, to visit Eccles town centre and all it has to offer and is an opportunity to have an incredible cultural experience for free!”

Local residents Mark and Elizabeth Charnley said: “Mystery Bird is something different as a neighbourhood event. It will bring ‘light’ entertainment for the people in Eccles to enjoy in their own way, with their family, friends and neighbours.”

Mystery Bird, originally developed by Quays Culture, is a creative intervention designed to bring people together, helping to build a sense of community, pride and hope.

The installation features contributions from paper artist Helen Musselwhite, vocal artist Jason Singh, video projection artists Illuminos, local fabricators M3 Industries, and digital expert Jack Hardiker.

Mystery Bird will run from Tuesday 23rd January – Saturday 27th January 2024.


Keep up to date with any developments in the Mystery Bird schedule here



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