A Rochdale company, whose turnover totals more than £6 million a year, has backed a new initiative to promote Rochdale as a place to do business.

Liam Grady, one of the directors of RKE group, has lauded the new Rochdale Ambassadors scheme, a private-sector board working with Rochdale Borough Council, to get the word out across the country about the borough’s huge potential for investors.

He said: “I travel up and down the country for my job and there’s still a perception among people I meet that places like Rochdale are all dark, satanic mills and cobbled streets but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a hidden nugget.

“Rochdale gets a lot of bad press I’m really proud to say my business is here. There’s a huge amount of good quality office space; we ourselves rent space in the council-run Globe Business Park, and the transport links are excellent, meaning that we can transport goods easily and our staff can get to and from work without difficulty. There’s also a huge amount of investment being ploughed into the borough. Rochdale is very much on a steep upward curve now.”

RKE group is a network of companies, including Source Build and Bespoke Build, which provides building supplies to the construction industry both locally and nationally. It has recently added street furniture supplies to its portfolio, alongside Rochdale Vehicle Repairs. Also in the group is Globe Park Solutions and EnviroSystems, a major supplier of flood prevention equipment, including flood gates and barriers, to the Isle of Mann, Scarborough, Hebden Bridge and more. The 6th company in the RKE Group portfolio is Globepark Utilities, which supplies commercial premises with utilities and is one of leading suppliers of energy for amusement arcades up and down the country.

The Rochdale Ambassadors, which launched just last month, is chaired by David Bottomley, director of Rochdale AFC and national toy business Asobi.

Other members of the board include Richard Tang, founder of Zen Internet, Julian Appleyard, principal of Rochdale Sixth Form College and Steve Rumbelow, chief executive of Rochdale Council. Companies also represented are Tetrosyl, Nomical, and James Nuttall Transport.


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