It has been revealed that Manchester is the most expensive city to drive in, according to data by

The used car platform delved into data such as average insurance costs, average centre parking costs, average MOT costs and average fuel costs, taking into account both diesel and unleaded, to work out each city’s overall average cost.

The total cost to drive in Manchester, based on a full tank of fuel, insurance, city centre parking and an MOT is £1058.99, a huge £468.65 difference compared to the UK’s cheapest city, Cambridge, which came in at £590.34.

While Manchester is the most expensive city to drive in, it is the cheapest city to top up a full tank of fuel at £47.70, based on the average price of diesel and unleaded and a 43-litre fuel tank.

The five most expensive cities to drive in in the UK are:

Manchester – £1058.99

Sheffield – £1047.82

Coventry – £986.68

Bradford – £942.61

Leicester – £940.07

The five cheapest cities to drive in, using the same methodology, are:

Cambridge – £590.34

Cardiff – £625.44

Aberdeen – £631.29

Exeter – £649.01

Edinburgh – £662.91

To park in the centre of Manchester, it costs on average £3 an hour, while an average MOT in Manchester costs £37.80.

The most cost-effective city centre to park in is Coventry at just £1.18 per hour, with London, unsurprisingly, being the most expensive city centre to park at £8.50 per hour.

For an annual MOT, it costs just £27.97 in Derby, while it jumps to a hefty £53.44 in Aberdeen, increasing by £25.47, nearly doubling the cost in Derby.

You can view the full list of cities and the full campaign page here.


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