It is not a pairing that would seem obvious but the team behind The Dealer App are
determined to breathe life into the discount industry by using deals to do good.

They have teamed up with 85 restaurants in Manchester to save you money on your grub in the hope that you will then have more money for the things that really matter.

Social businesses are becoming more and more popular as millennials begin to enter the
business world. It seems that every ‘for profit’ business now has its ethical alternative.
Google’s ethical antithesis is Ecosia, a search engine that lets you ‘plant trees as you search the web.’

The Dealer App aims to become the discount industries leading social business as
it tries to pose the question: if we get you 50% off your lunch, will you give £0.50 back to
charities fighting homelessness.

The Dealer has just launched in Manchester with a fresh approach to discounting. They have created an online portal for restaurant owners to manage their promotions easily and
effectively. Restaurant owners can change their promotions in real time, focus them on
specific times of the day or days of the week and cap the amount of people that are eligible
to receive each offer.

This shake up to the way vendors can list promotions is aimed at the
creation of a platform that really works for restaurants, one that actually brings in new
customers, bums on seats, as well as an increase in revenue. The concept has been received well just under a hundred restaurants in Manchester signed up already, including this year’s winner at the Manchester Food and Drink awards, Bundobust.

As part of their launch week they are also running a Half price week with their partners offering a one-time 50% off all food, all day, all week. It runs from the 23 rd October to the 1st November.

It also means that the discounts offered are larger than ones you would see on usual
discounting sites. Gone are the days of 10% off, the minimum offer allowed on the platform is 20% off and the vast majority of vendors regularly list deals at 30%, 40% and 50%.

The Dealer is very effective at putting money back into your pocket but the thing that makes it unique is what it does next.

For every deal that is redeemed on The Dealer, a pop up appears asking if you would return a tiny fraction of the money you have saved back to charities fighting homelessness in Manchester.

You as the user can then choose to return £0.50 back to charity or pass on a
smile instead, there is no compulsion and the discounts are available to everyone. The hope is that you save a lot and give a little when you can. All money raised is passed directly onto a selection of chosen charities. This enables a cashless transfer and ensures that money given is spent as effectively as possible by organisations that understand the homeless problem best of all.


The Dealer works with 7 homeless charities across the UK and their chosen charity in
Manchester is the Mustard Tree which aims to create choice and opportunity for people
who are homeless and marginalised.

By allowing people to give back after they have saved, The Dealer hopes to raise additional
funds for services that are stretched by government cuts. To address the growing
homelessness issue in Manchester we are going to need more businesses like this placing
the issue at the centre of their mission. The company itself also contributes the time of its
employees to volunteer at homeless charities every week.

The app is available to download on both the Apple and Android App stores.


Meet the Restaurants in Manchester offering discounts to help the homeless.For its launch week, its venues are doing a whopping 50% off.

Stage & Radio: 50% off all food

Serving up delicious grub and smooth beats in a building as much a part of Manchester’s
history as any other. It was one of the world’s most famous Jazz clubs housing the likes of
Ronnie Scott and Ella Fitzgerald, it was also the place Coldplay won their battle of the bands against Muse and went on to sign their first professional contract.

PLY: 50% off pizzas
Serving up craft beers, cocktails and Neapolitan Pizza in the heart of the Northern Quarter.
They’ve even curated a programme of exhibitions and events from artists all around the
world. Just in case you are looking for something to talk about on your date.

Foundation Coffee House: 50% off all coffee, 50% off all food
The newest, and possibly the slickest coffee house in Manchester. It goes from bean to cup
with precision, technical excellence and passion, their baristas serve some of the best coffee in Manchester.

Bundobust: 25% off all food
The winner of the best restaurant in Manchester at the 2017 food and drink awards. Need
we say more, ok maybe a little bit. It serves vegetarian Indian street food and is very simply,the business.

Changos Burrito Bar: 25% off all food
Your opportunity to unwrap a little piece of Mexico. They pack some seriously good burritos
made with fresh, local ingredients and packed with Latin flavour. Fast, fresh, healthy.

Stovepipe: 50% off all food
Stovepipe is another name for a Top Hat. Where there were once fashion accessories there
are is now a serious food menu: brunch, lunch and dinner all.

Black Dog Northern Quarter, Black Dog NWS, Dogbowl: 50% off pizza, 50% off food
The Black Dog triumvirate need no introduction. Some of the city’s most recognisable
venues offering up their bowling, pool and pizza.

Infamous Diner: 25% off

Manchester’s Retro American Diner serving up all American music, big eats, cocktails,
milkshakes and beers.

Favelas: 50% off
Set deep into Manchester’s Northern quarter…favelas defines contrast. It has one foot
firmly in South America and another in the Industrial Revolution. Serving up street bites,
mains from the grill, tacos, burritos and wraps.

Bravissimi: 50% off
A beautiful little Italian right near Piccadilly. They keep it simple: pasta and pizza, half the
price so you can have twice as much.

Grand Daddy’s Diner: 50% off
Offering authentic American food made from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients that
we can get our hands on. Burgers, shakes and cotton candy.

Exchange Food and Drink: 50% off
Lots of variety here. From starters and salads to sandwiches and entrees, our chefs take
their food seriously, just not themselves. The only thing that should be taken seriously is the size of that discount.

Kettlebell Kitchen: 25% off
Manchester’s first healthy, clean fast food joint. Forget processed, chemical filled, toxic
foods with huge amounts of hydrogenated toxic fats and synthetic meats. Think fresh,
natural, nutritious, protein filled foods made fresh on site.


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